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We bought return tickets for our son See Kingsley Chang on 25/01/2018, MH 004 to London in Sep 2 and MH 001 back KL Oct 19, booking ref: VHVZEZ(See photo attached), specially paid for seat 27A for two ways. On Sep 2, we flew with our younger son, after boarding we noticed that the seat had been changed to 40H(see the photo attached). We didn't check as we trusted you. On board we complained but useless. We also made a complain through our travel agent. But answer is under investigation. Return flight, once it opened for online check in, my son tried but always showed him failure so yesterday my son asked me to try, i tried also couldn't, asked him to counter check in. So I didn't sleep last night until this morning. The even worse thing happened. When my son went to counter check in with his original ticket, he was told the flight is full, they'll arrange him to fly some other flight. My first feeling was they're bullying my son who is going to be 17 years old only next week. After my son sent me messages, I told him to talk to supervisor and insisted on take the flight we bought in Jan. My son did and we waited and waited until half hour before departure they allowed him to board but of course they changed his seat(i asked him to keep the boarding pass, will send photo to you after he comes back) again and with such a bad way.
I's Like to ask you what you sell you ticket for and why shall we pay to reserve a seat if with a ticket can't fly and can't get the seat paid in advance? How come you as a National flight company never honour your tickets sold or just bully a young boy. The worse thing is we made complain right after he fly to London while on his way back this happened again and even threatened him no seat for him, arranged him some other flight. Do you think this is acceptable? If you're a parent, if you were me, how will you feel?
I do need a answer!!!
Matilda Chang
Mother of See Kingsley Chang

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Oct 19, 2018

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