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I am due to travel from Phuket to KL tomorrow morning and have called 3 times today and have been waiting for a callback for the last 3.5 hours. I have to pay a 1000baht charge per customer which I was not happy about but am now happy to pay just to close the matter. Can somebody please call me back on +[protected] urgently. I have never recieved worse customer service in my entire life and can't believe the way I have been ignored by managers today. In total I have spent 1hr and 15 minutes on the phone... on hold and have had to top up my Thai mobile number 3 times to call internationally as the number listed for Thailand on your website is no longer in service. Yesterday I was able to complete the same task with Bangkok Airways in 4 minutes over the phone with no charge and got great attentive service from the person who took my call. If nobody has called me back by 6 pm Thai time then I will expect Malaysia Airlines to refund my ticket in full as you are now blocking me from changing my flight by not returning my calls. I look forward to hearing from you. Daniel Norton

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

May 8, 2017

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