Malaysia Airlineschange of flight timings but no seat available on the new scheduled flight — disgruntled passenger with kids

Good morning,

My name is Dr George John . We were travelling back from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur on 1/5/2017 . I have 2 small kids travelling with me, 6 years and 9 years as well as my wife.

Me and my kids booked separately ( Res No KJK03 ) while my wife's Res No is WJG4B.

Both our original flight timings were at 1540H on 1st May 2017.

At about 0848H on 1st May, we received a text message on our phones telling us that " Your flt MH2641/01 May is changed to 2607/01 May, dep BKI/1740 are KUL/ 2010.

We also received email saying the same and I personally got a call from customer service officer from MAS confirming the above.

This happen and I was not too surprised honestly .

We reached Kota Kinabalu International Airport at 3pm and started to queue up ( long queue indeed ). When our turn came to the check in counter, the ground staff lady ( temporary staff ), told us that the flight is full and we can't be allowed to check in to MH2607 as scheduled.

She said she can put all of us in another flight which was due to take off at 1850H, which ultimately only took off at 1915H as it was delayed too.

On asking why have we been put on a flight where there is no seat available, she can't answer my questions at all and just said that it is overbooked .

I wanted to speak to the duty manager but sadly none of the MAS Ground Staff seem to know who is on duty and just told me to wait in his office. Am I dumb to wait in an office blindly without knowing when he will come in or will he ever come in at all. I even called the duty manager;s mobile [protected] at 1720H but went to voicemail.

I was quite angry as we didn't ask to be placed in 2607 at the first instance, and then given no seat as its overbooked, What message is MAS sending out to all their passengers? What reputation are they carrying?

We were not compensated at all, bear in mind my kids were already extremely agitated just waiting from 3pm to 7pm,

I am extremely disappointed with MAS and will write to the media to notify all passengers to be careful with MAS as they will just kick out passengers who have their valid ticket and paid seats to their whims and fancies.

This will be my last and final travel with MAS as I am totally disgusted with their attitude of not taking full responsibility .

My contact number is [protected] .

Thanks and regards,

Dr George John
Prince Court Medical Centre
Kuala Lumpur.

May 01, 2017

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