Malaysia Airlines and Menzies Baggagelost luggage and lack of compensation

On the 13th of April travelling from Singapore to Kathmandu my suitcase was lost.
We traveled as group on SilkAir Flight MI 322 to KL and transferred to MH 01070 to Kathmandu. On arrival my case did not arrive. The lost case was reported, but not located.
After numerous unanswered phone calls to Malaysia airlines baggage handlers, I gave up and decided to wait until I returned to Sydney to follow up the lost case.
On my arrival back in Sydney on 19th April I reported to Menzies Aviation baggage Handlers for Malaysia Airlines in Sydney that case had been lost and had not been found.
Another search was done and my bag was located in Singapore, instructions were given to send the bag to Sydney.
The instructions were ignored and my bag was sent to Kathmandu, where it has subsequently become lost.
Both Malaysia airlines and the baggage company seem to be totally incapable of resolving the issue.
I have emailed Malaysia airlines seeking compensation and have not received any replies to my emails.

Apr 29, 2017

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