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Make My Trip / ripped by make my trip

1 Santa Clara, CA, United States

Dear Makemytrip fellows,

I was a Makemytrip fan till about last year. I have booked several trips in the past and got good service for the same.
For some reason this year things changed for the worse ... and i mean it ...
I booked 2 separate trips this year:

Trip 1: Banglore/ Delhi - Agra/ Banglore (MMT Reference ID: IN1103B03261)
This trip was booked for my collegues who after hearing all the good thing about MMT from me, decided to book a leisure
trip with them. The plan was to fly from Bangalore to Delhi and then visit Taj Mahal on Friday. The entire trip was planned
by Mr Himanshu Suthar (who i had worked with in the past). On reaching Delhi on Friday they were told that Taj Mahal is closed
for tourists on Fridays. They ended up booking a hotel in Agra for the over night stay cause they were to leave back for US the day after.
The Hotel in Delhi refused to refund the money for the 2 nights stay that was alerady paid to them via MMT. This was a major goofup by MMT. They were stranded for 2-3 hours at the hotel reception not knowing what to do before a MMT representative got in touch with them. On contacting MMT they acknowledged that it was their mistake but said they could not do anything about it and merely apologized. I was also told later by my collegues that they will continously harrassed by the Taxi Cab guy (booked through MMT) to pay him more money. One of the female collegue who had to be dropped at the Delhi airport at 12:00 AM to catch her flight back to US was taken to a secluded gas station and asked for more money, which was really scary. With so many people from my company visiting India, has things gone well, MMT could have earned a lot of business, but i guess they are happier saving petty money by cheating customers.

Trip 2: European Dream
Departure Date: 06/28/2011
Customer Name: Himanshu Sawhney
Unfortunately i do not have the booking id for this one.
Before my above expereince with MMT, i booked a vacation package to Europe for me and my wife named "Eurpoean Dream". We booked our own air tickets and paid an initial booking amount of INR 30, 000 for the same. I wasnt really sure if i will be able to make it for the trip due to visa limitations but was convinced by the MMT agent to give into it since they were running some special that would expire soon. I was also verbally assured that incase of any cancellations it might be difficult to refund the amount but it can definitely be adjusted for any trip at a later date with MMT. Unfortunately due to some problems with the Visa/ last minute travel changes we were forced to backout from the trip. We immediately contacted MMT (~1.5 months before the planned departure date) and told them about our situation, unfortunately they said they could do nothing about it and that we should forget the INR 30, 000 we paid for the booking. We tried escalating the issue through several people in MMT (Also contacted the HO in Gurgaon). We were assured that this would be looked into, but after repeated calls, there was no response. Finally the agent who booked the ticked said we could only refund INR 5000 (Not sure which mathematical model he used to derive the magic number). We were very flexible and did not want the refund, but just that we could use the money to book another trip via MMT (But even that seems to be unreasonable for MMT). Its a pain to see your hard earned money go down the drain due to someone elses fault.
Please be very careful in booking your trip (especially those abroad) via MMT as they might sound cheap with all the fancy deals they falunt on their website, but in the end you really get what you pay for ... Really poor customer service/ satisfaction ...

MMT could have got a lot of business from us ... but i guess they are happier being penny wise and pound foolish .. good for them ...

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