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MagicJack / misrepresentation

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We ordered this eager to try it and found our phone company had placed a block against Magic Jack and other devices like it to keep our business with them. We live in a desolate area and do not have many choices for our phone service so were forced to return it which was not an easy project. The company does not make you aware this may happen and we had to keep both with launched an intensive battle with the phone company over our DSL and all. Wasn't worth the grief. We are still waiting for our refund. Beware!

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  • Gi
      30th of Sep, 2008

    Hahaha, you people who buy this thing are soo silly. First you need to learn more about computers. 2nd, learn about networking, the thing does work, I use it. This product is not for some newbie who can't even figure out networking. If you did know, you would know how it works and you wouldn't be on here complaining. 3RD If your isb blocked outgoing ports/incoming ports, whose fault is it. It's your internet service provider not Madjack.
    Your ISP is the one scamming people, blocking ports allowing only people to buy their service only. Madjack can't ask your isp to open ports, or to allow their services, your isp will say no, why because they will be losing money and no one will want their landline...It's like having Cox Cable asking Time Warner to have their services on their network. Hahahhaha. Madjack is a phone service provider, providing services over another service provider. Please people, get a isp that isn't strict and blocking ports. If you can't get one than Madjack isn't for you, and thats just life it's called monopolizing...

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  • Ri
      14th of Jan, 2009

    I’ve had my MJ for 4 months. When it works, it’s great. From time to time I try to dial and the call does not connect. I just hear dead air. But when it works, which is 95% of the time, it’s a valuable buiness tool. I use it for outgoing calls only, which means my incoming business land-line is always available. It’s the easiest, fastest, cheapest way I’ve found to get an additional line in my office. I have one client with 4 MJs sitting behind a PBX who is laughing all the way to the bank. He uses the MJ for outbound calls only, leaving his incoming lines free for customers. talk about GREAT savings. If the MJ is a little flakey for the day, we just use the land line. At $1.50 per month (inclusive) it’s too good not to be able to overlook the shortcomings

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  • Jo
      21st of Feb, 2009

    I bought mine and now its been more then 5 months it worked so so when it felt like it and on tv it sounds like its better reliable then your house hold phone once i bought it they try to sell you more years for another great deal well i was like not so fast lets see how good this works after hooking it it seem ok for a few weeks then it started it wasnt working
    so i had to unplug it and plug it back in as it states you should once a month it was more like 3 times a month the today it just stop and effected my other usb that were plugged in so i couldnt call them but chat they try to resolve this on line and got nowheres they left me saying you 30 days were up and couldnt do anything about it so this item needs more work on it before they put it out on the market ji am not stopping here i will report them to let people know this is not as good as it sounds

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  • Ce
      26th of Mar, 2016

    dear/or madam

    my name is cecil mootoo i was bill for 5 years 129.21 us dallors
    for magicjack my # is 647 556 1954
    i need your help
    microtchies llc08009721610va

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  • Ce
      26th of Mar, 2016

    dear/or madam

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  • Ce
      28th of Mar, 2016

    dear madam/ or sir
    my name is cecilmootoo
    i some one steal my make pay for 5 ears 129.21 us dallors
    this is the name microtechies llc 08009721610 va
    ineed your healp
    thank you cecilmootoo

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  • Ch
      27th of Apr, 2016

    I have had Magic Jack for many years and it worked fine until recently. I called MJ technical help and he said for $100 he could extend my contract for 5 years and I would have technical assistance during that time at no additional cost. I clarified that I would not be charged anything to get my MJ up and running. He said no extra charge. I gave him my credit card information. He said a technician would call me. The technician called (a different person) and after needing to get into my computer (which made me nervous) he told me I needed a new MJ Plus and it would cost me $30. I told him no. I was told there would be no additional cost. He then said he would add an additional year. That would extend my contract 6 years. I said I would not buy it from him. A few days later I called MJ and they sold me a replacement for $26.90 and they didn't have any extension on my service. The charge on my card for $100 was from Microtechies LLC. The call I received from the technician was from Level 3 Communications, LLC at 360-388-3004. I called Microtechies LLC at 800-972-1610 and said to send a credit to my card. They called me back and said in October before my MJ expired they would extend it for a year and do that every year for a total of 6 years. I said no, credit it back. I did not trust them. I am having to dispute it with my credit card company. Cheryl Fickeisen

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  • To
      28th of Mar, 2017

    @Cheryl Fick Cheryl; Something similar happened to me. Around 2-21-2016 I saw an add from Magic Jack that would save me a few dollars if I enrolled for 5 yrs. I called Magic Jack and enrolled for 5 yrs for $154.99. Everything was fine until 2-22-2017 when my credit card account was debited $37.50 to Magic Jack. I called to ask why as I was paid up for 5 yrs and was told I was not enrolled for 5 yrs but only I yr. I tried to log into my account at Magic Jack to find someone had changed my User Name and Password. Looking at my credit card bill for Feb 2016 I saw that only $37.73 was sent to Magic Jack (enough to keep my account open for another year thus not suspicious) and $117.26 was sent to the Microtechies LLC 800-927-1610) just like yours. The number for Microtechies(800-972-1610) is not set up for phone calls and I was unable to reach them. You were able to reach MicroTechies, what do they have to do with Magic Jack? And Level3 Communications. What do they have to do with Magic Jack? I called Magic Jack and they told me they have nothing to do with MicroTechies LLC or Level 3 Communications LLC. I think the scam is going down like this; The scammer is a employee of Magic Jack. Who else could have access to accounts, the ability to change passwords, the ability to process credit cards, and the ability to intercept customer phone calls to magic Jack. He gets your credit card info, send enough to magic Jack to keep you account open for a year so you think nothing is wrong, changes your password so you can't access your account, then sends the rest of the money to MicroTechies. Magic Jack will do nothing because they have no record of the money sent to Microtechies just your word that the money that was sent to MicroTechies was meant to be sent to them. How do you prove that? I am going to try the legal auyhorities but don't hold you breath.

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