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Madrid Airport / Iberia Airlines / Flight delay

1 Ireland Review updated:

I was just wondering if there is a possibility of anyone contacting me before the end of the next century regarding a complaint I made at Madrid airport on the 13th January 2007? I filled out a form on that particular day: SW (No: 00019), I have made numerous phone calls and even filled out an additional complaint form on:

The complaint is in relation to the delayed departure of Flight IB6817 from Madrid to Sao Paulo on the 28th Dec 2006. The flight was originally supposed to depart at 1.30am, rescheduled for 8am but did not finally leave the airport until 9am. The unhelpful Iberia staff gave us no indication as to why the flight was being delayed. As a result of the delay I missed 2 connecting flights on Brazil, which in effect cost me 338.62 Brazilians Reals, not to mention much stress.

The very least I expected was to be contacted by the airline in relation to this matter but I have still heard nothing. It is next to impossible to discuss my grievance with an Iberia employee because you have managed to create a ambiguous system which sends the customer round in circles in the hope that all will be forgotten.

This will not be the case, however. If this matter is not dealt with post-haste then I shall be contacting my lawyer and the Ombudsman and seek to be reimbursed through an alternative avenue.

I still have all necessary receipts of flights purchased as well as the original passenger copy of the complaint I made in January.

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  • Je
      9th of May, 2007
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    On May 8, 2007 I flew flight number 6253 from Madrid to New York. My husband could not fly with me and the seat next to me was empty. An hour into the flight a woman sat down. I asked her if it was her seat and she showed her handwritten seating assignment. Shortly after, the pilot arrived and whispered in her ear as she tugged at his tie. Several times I watched as she left for an hour to join him in the cockpit! After watching, it became apparent that the pilot and co-pilot were entertaining two female passengers in the cockpit. The lack of judgement of the pilots and the complaisancy of the entire flight crew was frightening and shocking. The thought that they may have just met made it even more unbelievable. The ending of the flight and the landing were so awful that I could only imagine that a flirtful flying lesson was taking place.

  • Da
      10th of Sep, 2008
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    I have not heard a response to my complaint:

    1355 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY 11749

    July 21, 2008
    Iberia Relaciones Clientes
    Apartado de Correos 36.315
    28080 Madrid Espana

    Re: flight 6252, July 10, 2008, JFK to BCN (David Grossman and Lisa Forrisi-Grossman)
    Etckt 075 2331332869; 0752331332870

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am an attorney and partner of the above law firm. On July 10, my wife and I were to fly with my law partner Suzanne Flanagan ultimately to Barcelona for a cruise. I am writing because we were improperly removed from the plane moments after boarding. The manner in which we were treated is shocking. We had business class seats and checked in early. A copy of the flight detail is attached as page 1. Shortly before boarding, I went to the bathroom and was stuck in a line. My wife became nervous as the time to board was approaching and she asked to have me paged. They asked my wife if I was drinking and she responded no, because I do not drink. I arrived in time but suspect this is what started the problems.

    The flight attendant who sat us was rude and complained I held them up. As I sat down, my foot accidentally hit hers, and she looked very angry and walked away without saying another word. We were very nervous at that point and in hurrying to take our seats my wife spilled her orange juice. After finally sitting down to relax and shutting my eyes someone from the terminal awoke me to say we were being removed from the plane. To my further horror my requests to speak with the flight attendant or captain were denied because they said we wasted enough of their time, and my wife and I were paraded off the plane.

    When we got to the first counter we were told no one would speak with us. I explained to the only people outside the ramp, from British Airways, that we were in route to a European cruise, and I was completely sober, and could they have someone from Iberia speak with us. We were again informed no one from Iberia would speak with us. The British Airways staff were obviously as shocked and confused as us because they said I was completely sober and polite and they placed us on the last flight to London. We had no idea where we would go from there but wanted to try and save as much of the trip as possible. A copy is attached as page 2. The Iberia desk in London helped us get to Madrid, see page 3, then onto another flight to Marseille. There we were able to meet up with our cruise after missing two days and traveling over 25 hours. We paid 200 Euros to sleep in Marseille while waiting for the cruise.

    In sum, I was undisputedly not drunk or abusive or the British Airways staff would never have immediately put us on the next flight. Obviously one person on your staff completely abused their authority out of spite. Your other aircraft staff compounded the situation and reacted in an unprofessional manner. Had they simply spoken with me, as repeatedly requested, they would have realized we were sober and simply over-tired and stressed out with the ordinary pressure of traveling. This abuse occurred even though I was an attorney, traveling in Business Class, with my wife and law firm partner and had to catch a cruise. We missed two days of the cruise and suffered a level of humiliation ordinarily reserved for criminals and drunks.

    I request you refund the purchase price for the tickets for my wife and I plus an additional 200 Euros for our expenses in Marseille. Thank you for looking into this egregious matter.

    Yours truly,

    David Grossman, Esq.

  • Fa
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    What can I do if they simply don´t answer?
    My complaint:

    Berlín, 11 de octubre de 2008
    Estimados señores:
    Hace seis semanas les mandé esta reclamación (ver abajo) por correo normal y por correo electrónico. Todavía no he recibido ninguna respuesta. Por favor, responda la reclamación y reembolse el importe correspondiente.

    Iberia - reclamaciones
    Apartado de correos 36315
    28080 Madrid

    Estimados señores,

    quiero hacer una reclamación por la cancelación del vuelo IB 3546 de Madrid a Berlín el 26 de agosto de 2008. Teníamos que llegar a Berlín el 26. 8. a las 22.30, al final llegamos el 27. 8. a las 13.30, o sea 15 horas después. Por eso solicito el reembolso del importe para este vuelo para mí y para mi hijo.

    Aparte quiero dejar constancia de que en el vuelo que nos trajo finalmente a Berlín hubo un problema con el ordenador del avión por lo cual varios pasajeros se bajaron del avión.

    Estoy muy descontento con la falta de informaciones acerca del retraso, la cancelación y el retraso del vuelo el 27. 8. (estaba planificada la salida a las 9.20 y al final salimos cerca de las 11) y la puerta de salida del vuelo el 27, a varios pasajeros nos dieron informaciones falsas o ningunas informaciones.

    Asismismo el servicio de reclamaciones en la página web de Iberia deja mucho que desear: no hay enlaces para hacer una reclamación fácilmente, en los teléfonos sólo hay una cinta, no hay una dirección de correo electrónico para pasajeros que no tengan número de IberiaPlus...

  • Al
      6th of Jun, 2011
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    Muy Sres. mios: El pasado 23 de Mayo les envie los comprobantes de los gastos generados por al perdida de mi equipaje, vuelo IB6831 con destino Santiago de Chile (PIR SCL IB 35505) y a dia de hoy todavia no he recibido ninguna respuesta por su parte. Ruego me hagan saber cunado tienen previsto hacer efectiva dicha indemnización. Nadie quiere contestar me parece bastante lamentable que despues de estraviarte el equipaje nadie reposde a las llamadas y e-mails

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