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Lumber Liquidators / bella wood

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We are building a new home. We ordered 88O square feet of 3/4" X 3.25 inch natural birch Bellawood flooring with a 50 year warranty. A lot of good that warranty will do. Our professional installer installed a portion of it and it is so uneven, with gaps between the boards and different depths of the wood. What a HUGE disappointment. Our local store in Green Bay, Wisconsin was of absolutely NO help. Our professional installer said that he sees this all the time with Bellawood. We have decided to have the entire floor sanded down and refinished. Again I am so glad I have a 50 year warranty on the finish! DO NOT buy Bellawood!!! Your installed floor will NOT look anything like what you see in the showroom. This company is does not stand behind its product and their products are defective.

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  • Rm
      19th of Jun, 2008

    A few of our friends have had the same BAD experience!

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  • Mi
      15th of Aug, 2008

    Just because you see someone on TV using it...doesn't make it a "great product or experience". Lumber Liquidators is a horrible experience. Their PAID endorsers (ty penningtong, etc;) are just that. PAID to say GOOD things about them. And of course when on TV they use only the BEST quality of stuff (they probably bought elsewhere).

    They tried refusing to cancel our order, charging a restock fee for something that was not shipped and when it comes to $6, 000 we refuse to back down.

    These people are pathetic and in short...crooks.


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  • Ty
      26th of Sep, 2008

    I have installed floors for more than twenty years and I have never seen a poorer product than Bellawood Flooring. After visiting friends in Virginia, my mother decided to pull up her carpet and put down Bellawood after seeing her friends beautiful floors. She decided on Brazilian Cherry. Two years ago I installed her floor and it looked great –for about 6 months! Her home is located in south Ga. and is on about a three foot crawlspace. Before any of the planks were installed, I laid down a DOUBLE moisture barrier (It was my mom’s house). The bottom of her crawlspace had already been protected by a moisture barrier per recommendation by Georgia Power to receive the good cents energy saver discount. The problems began a quarter of the way into the job when I began noticing serious milling mistakes. I also noticed very poor finishing on some of the planks. Both of these problems are a common accordance with hardwoods, so I just grabbed an empty Bellawood box thinking I would return them for a refund. When I finished the job I had more than 3 boxes out of 40 with poor milling/finishes. When I tried to return them I was told that the warranty states that you have to accommodate 5% for industry defects, 8 – 10% for exotic woods. This is B.S. I have never had a problem with returning defective product with any local or national retailer. I guess by translating the warranty 5 - 10 % of the product you have already purchased and haven’t opened is crap. The more serious problems began about 6 months later when the some of the planks began to buckle and some split. When I called Lumber Liquidators I was told that I used the wrong nails. I have installed a whole warehouse full of hardwoods, and the nails are standard. I was also told that the humidity in the home was too high. This might work as an excuse, but if there is high humidity in the home, then why aren’t the hardwood floors in the other rooms affected?(Bruce and Traffic Master). Now, every time my mother goes on vacation, I get called when she gets back to bang down and nail a new buckle. Again, no other rooms with hardwood are affected. I suppose if you install Bellawood floors you have to leave you’re a/c or heat running while you are gone for weeks at a time. Bellawood is the worst flooring I have every installed some much so that I will not install it for any customer and do not recommend it to anyone. By the way, about a year after my mother floors began giving her so much trouble, her friend from Virginia called – Their Bellawood floors began to buckle and split too! If anyone would like to ask me any questions please email me at [protected]

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  • Tr
      25th of Jan, 2009

    Same with us - we bought bellwood through lumber liquidators. Some of the boards started chipping severly about a month after installation. WE put in a claim and they had an "independent" inspector look at the floors to determine why the chips occurred. The inspector gave reason why some boards had scratches and why some boards were uneven but never gave a reason why the chips were present. However, lumber liquidators denied the claim based on the explanations for problems that were not even the reason for our claim. We are doing research and finding similar issues with many costumers. We are trying to find a lawyer for a class action lawsuit. I will set up a website for this once things are cooking, all interested please stay tuned ! ! ! !

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  • Je
      11th of Feb, 2009

    Bob Villa is a tool for endorsing this product.

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  • Ho
      22nd of Feb, 2009

    We installed 2000 sqft of Bellawood from LL 5 years ago (Brazilian Teak) It looks terrible, always has and until we can bite the bullet to have the entire floor sanded or removed I guess we're stuck! We were convinced it would be a great investment for our home, unfortunately, I am disappointed with the flooring every time I walk into my house.

    Nearly the entire floor has CUPPED and warped and in some places, split.

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  • Ly
      13th of Mar, 2009

    last year we pulled up our carpet and bought Bellawood brazilian koa wood for our entire great room at lumber liquidators we were also taken in by the fact that Bob Villa was a spokesperson. The floor started to separate and have thin cracks along the boards. i called LL and they sent an inspector who rolled balls around the place and took pictures, LL told us that the installation was wrong (done by one of the companies they recomend ) and the warranty was void! It also squeaks and cracks when we walk on it sometimes the sounds come from another area feet away from where we stepped, My daughter has Bruce hardwood and a few young children racing through the house never a mark or a creak. we have to treat the floor like and old antique!If anyone has any answers to problems i would be thrilled to know what to do.

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  • Va
      6th of Jun, 2009

    If you read the 6-font fine print for Bellawood, you will see that the "50-year warranty" is no longer in effect after the floor is installed. Apparently, you are supposed to buy their flooring and store it in boxes, and if the finish gets damaged within the next 50 years, you can make a claim.

    Lumber Liquidators and its Bellawood line are a scam. I am shocked that Bob Vila continues to endorse them, and think that he must be unaware of the thousands of customers who have had nothing but grief dealing with Lumber Liquidators. It is time consumers engaged a class action lawsuit.

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  • Ka
      16th of Jun, 2009

    We had Bellawood Brazilian Teak that we purchased from Lumber Liquidators installed in November of 2008. Now we have gaps along the long edges of the boards appearing in random places. In some of the gaps, you can see the glue pulling away from the boards. Our installer was not able to use several of the boards due to blistering, chipping and other flaws. When I called LL to complain, their customer service person was probably the worst I have ever encountered. Our contractor has been out three times to look at it and now he is going to have a LL inspector come out to look at it. He believes the wood was not dried properly before being packaged and shipped. He said he is not impressed with LL inspectors and I believe they will not take any responsibility for it. I feel a lawsuit coming on!!!

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  • Ci
      29th of Jun, 2009

    Our story is the same as the many others, due to the advertisers on the TV we decided to bite the bullet and pay the price for American Cherry Select. During installation the installer had a problem with milling errors (different depths and widths) so we had to live with with the BEST OF THE WORST. That is after paying over $6000.00 for the wood! Little did we know the worst was yet to come. After approx. 2 mos. our floor began to cup (approx. 90% of it) at which time we called our local store in Springfield, MO. They in turn contacted the main office who requested pics. shortly after we received a packet giving us information about humidity an wood! Their excuse for our problem was humidity! We purchased the recommended underlayment which was the most expensive and had a moisture barrier. And they do have a local store in Springfield, MO. and were more than happy to take our money!!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES STINK AS THEY ACT LIKE OUR PROBLEM IS NO BIG DEAL!!!

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  • Rm
      10th of Jul, 2009

    Where is the Better Business Bureau in all this? You will find a good rating for LL because they pay them to LIE for them! The BBB should be ashamed, they're party to this fraud!

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  • Vi
      31st of Jul, 2009

    We installed Bellawood Brazilian Cherry in October 2008. It looked beautiful until the beginning of June 2009. We were having dinner and heard some strange noises. It turned out to be our floor had buckled and came apart in an area in our living roo. We had a professional floor installer come out and fix it. I asked him if it was from humidity and his answer was absolutly NO. Well, he fixed the area that buckled and two days later it started buckling in another area. I called LL and was told to call their customer service. I had to send pictures of the floor and answer a few questions, like did I live near a lake or creek (the answer is no). They have told me that they have mailed me a packet about and determined that the floor was buckling due to the "Environment". Probably humidity they told me. How is the world do they know what our environment is like without actually coming out and looking at the floor. What a joke! I told them that I will not stop calling them until they have someone come here at look at the floor itself. There is no way that they can determine anything by looking at my pictures. It was almost impossible to see the problem in the pictures anyway.

    I wish I had known prior to purchasing the Bellawood that so many others have had the same problems with this wood and with LL.

    If anyone is thinking about purchasing Bellawood, or for that matter, any wood from Lumber Liquidators, I would suggest that you do some research prior. I guarantee you that after you have read all the horrible experiences that so many people have had, you will change your mind.


    If anyone has a class action suit with LL, I would be very interested. Please contact me at: [protected]

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  • Ee
      2nd of Aug, 2009

    We had Bellawood (white oak) purchased from LL installed in our home in April 2008 and in June 2008 every board had cupped. Their "crack" inspector told us it was an environmental/humidity issue and the warranty for 50 years was not valid. We are on our way to a law suit with everyone involved. If a class action suit is around please contact me at [protected]

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  • Ma
      23rd of Aug, 2009

    I had Bella Wood floors installed in my family room and now I noticed it is starting to split and the finish in some areas looks terrible.If tthere is a class action suit filed, please contact me [protected]

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  • Ry
      1st of Sep, 2009

    Anyone filing a class action lawsuit, please contact me at [protected]

    1700 useless square feet of brazilian walnut cracked in 2 weeks time. Amazingly poor quality, even worse customer service. GARBAGE COMPANY.

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  • Ba
      9th of Sep, 2009

    I also had about 2, ooo sq.ft. of Brazilian alnut installed in my house last Oct. It is cupped on 90% and starting to buckle in quite a few spots. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it but I am furious and my contractor is beside himself. This is just not right. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thank you ahead of time for any input.
    My e-mail is: [protected]

    Again thanks,

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  • Ch
      22nd of Oct, 2009

    Please contact me if there is movement of a class action suit: charlotte.[protected]

    After tons of research and having some customers use LL with minimum complaint I went ahead and bought Brazilian Cherry for my living + dinning room. I had a respected HardWood installer put them in. In less than 2 weeks over 800 sq/ft of flooring had ALL WARPED. According to LL my contractor use the wrong glue or I have extreme moisture in my home. NO to both! Proper glue, proper humidity, yet LL wants nothing to do with the problem.

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  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2009

    I am currently in dispute with Lumber Liquidators over 5, 000 sq. ft. of Brazilian Walnut that is peeling, splitting and cracking. This is after much of the original order was returned for milling issues. The inspectors came by, and now we received a letter from LL that said this was our fault. We spent well over $25, 000 on WOOD ALONE!!! I am sick. How can we start a class action lawsuit? I AM IN!!

    Please contact us at:

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  • Lh
      22nd of Dec, 2009

    I agree with a lot of what these people have gone through. Do not buy your flooring at Lumber Liquidators. Poor Customer care. I had an issue with the install. My flooring buckled after 4-5 months. After 6months of battling with HSS and the contractor. It was found that the installer they recommened didn't use the correct nails. Since then the floor is finally down but my wife and I don't seem so excited about the flooring anymore. Its a sad reminder of the headaches we had to go through to get them to rip everything up and install the flooring again. When we first saw the issue and tried to get Lumber Liquidators involved they simply said it wasn't their issue and that I needed to contact HSS. Its sad that a company doesn't follow up with complaints and makes an effort to care.


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  • Ca
      31st of Dec, 2009

    I just got my "package" from Bellawood pertaining to my hardwood floor buckling after two months. I installed solid wood flooring over a slab, and have learned since that this is not an acceptable practice, but the store was only too happy to sell me the solid wood and the adhesive to put it down with! They sent a copy of a "warrenty" which I had never seen, stating that they are not responsible for any moisture damage, so buckling is not thier problem. Hogwash! I live on top of a hill, have gutters, do not live near a water source, and my house is over ten years old. I plan to complain to the BBB, and if that doesn't work to pursue legal action. Has anyone heard of a class action suit started yet?

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