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I purchased 450 sq ft of the 50 year prefinished Bellawood Brazilian Teak flooring. Paid to have it installed in my kitchen and dining room. I let the wood sit for four weeks prior to installation. It has been a year and now the wood is separating/shrinking and warping sideways creating huge gaps. Will try to recap my money legally I suppose. When I called and complained about the quality they offered me a $250 credit towards the purchase of more of their hardwood. Seriously...So, I purchased Brazilian Teak from another manufacturer, cheaper, better quality, that buts right up against the LL hardwood and it is like night and day. Bob Villa should be ashamed of himself for endorsing this product.

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    Wood will react to the environment if not installed properly, or regulated as instructions state within the warranty / installation instructions. Given the fact you mention one product performing well compared to the installed BW flooring, this would suggest the installation failed meaning proper steps were not followed to protect the product from moisture intrusion. When you fully understand how wood floors work, you understand the appearance of this type of issue is NOT the wood, it's the method of installation. The postings more appropriately addressed towards the installer, not the seller of the wood. The offer of a credit would have been a courtesy based on the issue, not a solution to your problem as we do not pay for installer errors, but there are occasions where we try to help a customer as in this case. The funds were to be used to help the installer FIX his mistake, not remedy the floor by replacing all 450 sq ft. Go to our company website and view the Customer Care page, specifically FLOORING 101. This is where you'll find the answers and illustrations that show what happens when you hire poor contractors who do not know how to properly install the floor, or that fail to read the instructions supporting the product warranty. Sorry to hear this happened as we never want to see a floor experience this type of failure. Your comparison from a visual perspective makes sense, but it's not a good representation of our product compared to another and shows how important it is to have the installation instructions followed to the letter.

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