Lufthansa / lost booking


Lufthansa has possibly the worse customer service department which I have had the unfortunate circumstance to deal with. I recently booked a flight from Graz in Austria to Singapore in July via their website. However, after supplying my card details and awaiting confirmation and e-tickets to arrive, nothing happened. I called up their customer services in Germany and spoke to 5 different representatives but no one could find my booking even though the price of the ticket has been deducted from my bank account. I was told to detail the complaint in an email which I did, but only got a reply via email to contact their customer services department again as they need more information. After speaking to 5 people and detailing all the information in 3 seperate emails, what more can I do? No one has had the courtesy to call me back and no one can be bothered to take responsibilty for my complaint. Needless to say, my money has yet to be returned...

Mar 08, 2013

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