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On January 6th 2014, departing Budapest Hungary my husband and I pre-booked tickets for two puppies and one adult dog. Once we arrived at the airport in Budapest we were informed that because of a special Seeing Eye dog we could not bring one of the puppies on the plane. We reserved the tickets back in September so I was infuriated . The ticket agent then called the supervisor who came down and give me a bunch of excuses as to why I could not have both puppies on board. We also had an older dog going in cargo, but that too did not have enough room. The supervisor was less than accommodating and discourteous.He asked if I would mind traveling alone and my husband could come on a later flight, I refused to accept that as a solution. I told the supervisor that the Seeing Eye dog was being lead around by this so called blind person and was as blind as I am. He still refused to listen then said that our crate was too small and rolled his eyes at me, then just walked away. I called Lufthansa the day before my departure to check on the size of the crate and I was given the maximum size it could be, I was never told what was considered too small according to the Lufthansa supervisor in Budapest.We had to call my brother-in-law to come back to the airport and take the dog home. The man who took a 50 pound Seeing Eye dog on board was reading the newspaper while we were in flight, but they wanted to deny me boarding with my Puppies. This mess cost me $500.00 that I will now have to pay to ship the dog in cargo.
Once we arrived in Frankfurt we could not secure a boarding pass for my husband because the flight to DFW was over booked due to bad weather in New York.After more aggravation I was able to have my husband travel with me in the same seat we reserved back in September, so there was absolutely no reason for that additional altercation. I have been one of your customers for over 20 years, and when traveling overseas I always elect Lufthansa as my provider, but I must say after this, I can’t say I would travel with Lufthansa again in the future.I am so disappointed with the lack of concern and impoliteness of the Budapest staff, I really expected more from Lufthansa. I still have to ship my three dogs to Dallas from Budapest, but there is a major difference in price shipping 3 dogs instead of 2 dogs. I believe Lufthansa should ship the three dogs for the price of 2 since most of this incident could have been avoided with proper information and better customer service.
After months of sending e-mails, I received a email from Linda Stiene who could only offer me 20% off my next Lufthansa flight...Horrible

Mar 6, 2014

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