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i had heard lufthansa had a bad service but i actually experienced flight my ws LH 751 kolkata frankfurt economy class. i)the flight was over booked and i was asked to delay my journey
ii)a guy in the check in counter had asked me few irrelevant questions regarding my journey.he has no right wt so ever to do so as i had already been allowed by the german embassy.
iii)there was no lufthansa staff 2 guide me all though i had precifically told them that it was my 1st flight and i would be needing some guidence.
iv)the food in the flight was horrible majority of the passanger could nt eat it.
v)the air hostessess were extremly rude with the passanger and it seemed they actually very polite with the nglish and the germans and not to the indians.
vi)i remember i had asked for water and i had actually been served with water after an hour or so.
it was my 1st experience with lufthansa and it ws horrible.i dny knw y do nt they improve their quality of fooding .y dnt they give which is more ediable be it in veg or non veg.
i sincerely hope that action would be taken regarding the bad service of this airline.

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  • Di
      May 15, 2011

    I remember the times when flight attendants were pretty, food tasty, and airlines punctual. It was relatively expensive to fly, but it still is. Everything else has changed a lot.

    As a very frequent flyer (over 100 flights per year) I have to say Lufthansa remains the leader, it doesn’t fail to disappoint, over and over again. Well, one could argue that at least they are consistent in their performance.

    Almost every flight I had was delayed and I missed my connection a zillion times. I wasted hours and hours of my precious time waiting for a plane to finally depart or to get at the next available flight. A year ago (and I do not think I will ever forget this) I spent 14 hours on the Frankfurt airport (because of a delay I missed the connection flight). Why? Not because they did not have any flights in the meantime, but because Lufthansa did not want to book me a seat at a flight where only business class seats were available (I am talking about 1.5 hour flight, not London-New York business class). He didn’t even offer me a possibility to pay extra for the business class.

    And when I finally get on a plane, I have no room for my legs (they squeezed rows so much that I can hardly fit), very often there is no place for my coat or a handbag in the upper compartment (as they allow people to get in with all kinds of ‘hand luggage’) I am served something that they call food, while flight attendants typically look like they are irritated that had to show up at work, and actually earn their salaries. Staff is often arrogant and rude.

    And they couldn’t care less, because they know that our options are very limited!

    And they made EUR 1.1 bn in proits last year...

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  • Lb
      Jan 08, 2012

    My husband and I flew from London to Frankfurt on the 3rd January 2012 to catch our connecting flight to O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. Due to bad weather the flights were delayed and we missed our connecting flight in Frankfurt. The treatment we received was just awful. We were handed a small blanket and dismissed. We had to spend the whole night and the next day waiting on airport chairs. There was no concern for us and a helpful cleaner showed us where we could sit that night. The area with the reclining chairs has a smoking booth right next to it so you have the smell of smoke and worse a children's play area is next to these chairs. We decided to have a shower and the attendant at the showers was unhelpful and rude. The attitude of the staff at the Airport is shocking and we have decided never to fly with Lufthansa again. In spite of confirming that our luggage had been booked through we still did not receive it at the other end and had to wait for days for it to be delivered. All in all a very unsatisfactory experience.

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