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Lucille Roberts / unauthorized credit card charges

1 Astoria, IL, United States
Contact information:

I signed up with a friend in Astoria club in July 6, 2017. I opted for the monthly silver access membership. At that time the person at the desk was Nastazja W. at the time I signed up, I made it clear that I want to have access in other Lucille Roberts (LR) facilities in Austin and Flushing NY as well because I don't live nor work anywhere near Astoria. I was just there to accompany a friend who wants to sign up there because she lives there. SO she told me to sign up with the silver membership. I have been enjoying my membership and is really enjoying the class until I get debited in December a total of $180 and an increased membership from $29.99/month to $40+.
I went to the Astoria club in December 4, 2017 to make a complaint but they keep saying that they never offered the kind of membership that allows access to all LR facilities. Never mind that I have been enjoying 4 months of rotating between Austin and Flushing club and still being charged for $29.99. And they asked me to present proof that my membership did in fact include use other LR club. I told them they should have records of my membership access or how else would they know that I am violating the terms of my membership? they told me that they are under new management and they "lost" previous data. Which means they are trying to make it my responsibility to show proof that I never violated the term of my membership. Anyhow, at that time I could not find my contract so I brought in bank statement that shows how much I am being charged/month. The manager said she will make a copy and request a refund. After a month I called in to follow up, and our conversation quickly went sour as she kept telling me that Astoria club never had platinum membership. I admit I made a mistake of saying I have a platinum membership but that is only because it was them who told me "I must have had a platinum membership" back when I went there in December 4, 2017. So I was confused. Nonetheless, no matter what color is assigned to my membership the bottom line is my membership have access to all LR clubs EXCEPT for the 42nd street club. Now, I am telling her I already gave her my bank statement as proof and she is telling me it is not proof, she need to see my contract or a letter from LR upgrading my membership to platinum. I told her that we already went through it and we already have agreed which kind of membership I had. But she insisted that the bank statement is not proof. Never mind that she made copy of my statements and telling me it will take a few days to process the refund. Now we are back again at the beginning and it just pissed me off. And because I was demanding a refund the manager became defensive and said she will cut our conversation if I don't relax because she said I was being rude. Never mind when she was controlling the conversation from beginning to end and I can hardly talk to her to tell her that we have been through this in December 4, 2017. Here I am thinking everything's been settled, we have both agreed it was a misunderstanding and I am waiting for my money to be refunded back into my bank account and here was the manager telling me that she never agreed to anything and in fact I will not see my money back until I give her a copy of an e-mail letter from LR that upgraded my membership. I told her I never upgraded nor downgraded my membership. I have signed up for the kind of membership I wanted from the beginning but she insisted that kind of membership didn't exist. This is so frustrating. I want my money back and if LR don't have any information on the kind of membership I have that is their problem.

Dec 30, 2017

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