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I have been trying to submit a ticket to cancel an order I did only 1hr ago. It keeps giving me a reply that my email is not valid yet my email was valid when I placed the order.

Someone needs to contact me asap to cancel or send me a number for customer service. I will be contacting better business bureau before the end of the day.


Jun 20, 2017
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  • Ke
      Mar 28, 2018

    I need to cancell my dam order and it won't allow me to

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  • Ke
      Mar 28, 2018

    I need to cancell my order

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  • Jd
      Apr 29, 2018

    People, People, people stop ording this compnay is a scam, they think cuz they are in HONG KONG, they dont own you anything but yet this business has bewn scamming people for years. Keep your money they have these chikdren woekinf in these factory making these cheap clothes and you can’t cancel your order but file a case with BBB, FCC, cuz they are usinf fake telephone # like these ticket they send you fake tracking nunber that never work. They should be prosecuted ro the fullest. You will not get your money but go to PayPal, they are willinf participate but yet they have got compliants as well. Same the devils they are taking people money committing fraud and think its OK NOT With ME. I work for Federal Government truly know the laws. Dont buy anything people the positve reveiw coming from employees of this company. Report them to your authorities in your area help yourslef stop waiting and sending you email. I been cussing in each of my documents tickets it my proof. They should be ashme of themseleves this why when you click submit they not telling you where its coming from. Shanghi is what i found out but yet on the site its states HONG KONG. Fake tickets fake travkinf number fake customer services and fake phone number they are a joke and the joke on us we keep giving them our money. Me never again my credit union investigating these devilish people i will get my money back. Some cuztomers send them over $300 not me 👎🏾

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  • Ro
      Jul 09, 2018

    O [censored] I'm glad I read this . I just ordered over a $100 merchandise Saturday. Omg . I hope they give me my money. I been trying to reach them no response.

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