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LOT and Austrian / cancellation

1 Vienna, Austria

Dear sirs,

On the night of 27th august, lot decided to cancel its flight to warsaw, in vienna airport more than 100 people are witnesses of the discussing position and work of the austrian team that were doing the check fact they were a team of negligent, uneducated, incompetent, racist and brutal, and completely without knowing what to do in such a situation, a group that should be fired or working on washing streets, a real group that is receiving money without knowing what they are doing.
I am writing to european community, star alliance and newspapers about the condition these guys treated more than 100 people and the austrian arrogance was very well present. I will never travel austrian neither stop that airport, the fact that hitler is austrian native does not give you, and them the right of be the rude like they were.
After hours waiting for a confirmation and always a terrible assistance by these group, we know before than them that the flight was canceled, then lots of time waiting for an explanation about the next steps, so the incompetents resolve to put us in a bus to an hotel. We cannot take the luggage because the bus does not wait and we have to go to an hotel 25 km far from the airport at 1am, this is a shame...
We arrive the hotel without nothing to eat or drink even no kit of amenities, nothing a shame, at least the great austrian group didn't sent us to auschwitz.
And they just said that tomorrow the bus will take us at 5am and then in the airport we will know in which flight we will go... This looks a cartoon or a drama.
Austrian for me are out totally.
So I am waiting to know my rights in terms of indemnity. I miss a meeting in warsaw, I slept 1h I had this bull [censor] service from the lot and specially from the austrian incompetent group. So I am waiting for a fast answer about all this incredible stupid work.
Austrian and lot should be banned of star alliance and I will do my best to disclose this subject.
I really wish the austrian airline and team as lot the best and biggest failures

Mario calvinho

Sep 3, 2017

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