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I am dumbfounded by the lack of employee assistance in this Lord & Taylor location. I took me walking over to another counter to find assistance at the women's Designer Sunglasses. I was told "The lady at that counter is over there by the watches" by an employee who was busy assisting another counter. Finally After the "employee at the watch counter" was finished assisting her customer I had to stand there for a few minutes until she was done chatting and drinking her water until she finally acknowledged me. Unfortunately, this employee disappeared after I told her I would be right back to purchase sunglasses as I was waiting for my boyfriend to come downstairs from the men's dept. I have never seen anything like this.. waitingfor assistance to make a purchase in a store that maybe had all of 5-10 customers in there at this time. Finally I received assistance from a lovely woman who did not even work in the dept. She was the same women who assisted me in your cosmetics dept because there was only 1 employee for that WHOLE dept. but she was busy assisting someone already. This employee whose name is listed on my receipt im assuming was WONDERFUL but inexperienced in both dept's I was shopping in. I felt bad for her because she was trying to be so helpful but it was obvious she was not trained in either dept. She asked another employee for assistance in just telling her where she can find cases for both pair of sunglasses I had purchased. She finally got this employee to help her about another 1/2 hr of me waiting around. This rude employee (i didn't get her name but she was an older Asian woman)tried giving me 2 sunglass cases that were way to small for sunglasses I purchased. She had my sunglasses in her hand and she threw them down on counter, (lens side down) and said this was only cases available. As you can see I didn't purchase a pair of $1 sunglasses! How dare she treat my items that were already purchased like that!!! This asian women also started an argument in front of me with the nice employee Carmen listed on receipt. I've worked in retail before many years ago and if I could remember that type of behavior should not be done in front of customer's. This complaint may be long and drags on but I am really so shocked of the experience I had on Tues afternoon. I usually shop in the Scarsdale location and will never again return to the Yonkers location!!! The only thing that kept me there at your store to spend my money was the assistance from Carmen I finally received after searching for help. The rest of the staff that afternoon was useless! I strongly suggest hiring more employees and working on the way your employees act in front of customers!

Lord & Taylor

Apr 19, 2018

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