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I purchased an item at the cosmetics department at lord and taylor in annapolis mall, but had to return it because it broke me out.
I went into the store to return the item and I had to wait 20 minutes for any type of service. Only 2 people were working at the counters. When I approached a csr at the shiseido counter to make the return, the lady refused to issue my return because I had purchased the item from the clarins line. It is not an issue at other department stores to return cosmetics from a different brand at another cosmetics counter...

I waited 10 more minutes until the "correct" csr asked me what I needed. I told her I needed to make a return and gave her the item and receipt.
She looked at me and said "I can't issue you the refund because you used it."
Flabbergasted, I said that it had not been an issue before. The csr began to get defensive and said that the return policy stated that any opened items could not be returned and had been in effect for several years. She then asked me if the product had been tested on my face before purchasing. I said no, it had not been tested on my face.
The the woman said she thought I was lying saying my face looks fine and I told her that I cover my blemished well and it's really none of her business. And why is she accusing me of lying and giving me a hard time? I tell her that there is no reason for me to shop here anymore because stores such as nordstrom do not give me this bs.
The csr then says "nordstrom won't allow you to return opened cosmetics products anymore now. Do you buy, use, return cosmetics products all the time?"
I tell her that I return items that I am dissatisfied with, in which she has nothing more to say other than she can issue me store credit, which would have been fine 15 minutes ago before the interrogation.

I am issued $30 in store credit, which I fight to the end because I do not want a single penny of my money to be spent at lord and taylor again. A csr from clinique comes over to me on the way out and says that this happens all the time and employees are also given a hard time when they issue refunds... Tyrant.

I will never shop there.

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  • Bo
      Jan 04, 2013

    I went there once. It is the worst store ever. Segregation, most sales always looks down on people.

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  • Sa
      May 08, 2013

    I was recently looking for an evening dress that my L&T did not have in my size. I was given the # of another store and told to call (on my own) to see if they had it in my size. After 4 attempts periodically over the course of a day (at work, I might add) I was NEVER able to get through. NO ONE ever answered the phone. I did call customer service as well and when she put me through STILL no one ever answered. I forgot - I actually did get a recording of a salesperson and as directed left my name and number. NO ONE ever called me back. I was fully prepared to buy this dress AND use my "Friends and Family" discount. I missed the boat on BOTH counts. I will be hard pressed to shop in the store again.

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  • Se
      May 23, 2014

    I went to the lord and taylor at woodfield mall in Schaumburg, Illinois.I hated the service at lord and taylor. Everyone was rude and no one smiled at me or said hi. Even when I would walk past them I feel like I was being glared at. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!

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  • Ki
      Aug 07, 2019

    I am a customer of lord and Taylor over 15 years, Sunday I had a worst experience in Lord and Taylor in Willowbrook Mall, NJ . I was returning my dress which I purchased for my daughter one day before (Saturday night ) and she never used, and there was a staff cashier 006685 person name Rhonda that was in cashier to make the return, She was very nasty, rude, arrogant and didn't replied to me when I said good morning or thank you at the end of my purchase. I am very disappointed with L&T . Terrible customer service

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