Lord & Taylor / aaron grace store personnel ladies shoe dept. 2nd floor at 424 fifth avenue, nyc

Fifth Avenue, New York City, United States
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If customer service at your store on 5th Avenue could have stooped to a newer low, it did for me today. I had selected several shoes and asked your employee Aaron Grace for help. He took my size, etc. I have attached a ticket of your employee in one of the shoes I wanted to try.
After waiting for more than several minutes another customer came over to me and told me how rude this individual was to her and then for me to experience the same situation how appalling ! While I was on my lunch hour I approached him and asked him where my shoes were and he became annoyed and walked by with a smirk and disregarded me like I was no one! He then proceeded to tell your other employees to not help me!

Who in g-d's name does he think he is??? I asked several employees for the store manager and after asking 3 of them I was finally able to locate her after he went to her about me. She pulled me aside and I explained the situation to her. She apologized and then proceeded to try and help me while your indignant employee was watching and talking about me.

It is totally clear to me why your store on Fifth Avenue has declined to a new low. I am done shopping here as I do not need to be ABUSED BY YOUR STORE PERSONNEL!!

Lord & Taylor

Jul 19, 2018

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