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Please save yourself from the headache from purchasing anything from living spaces. In November 2015 I purchase a youth bunk bed set, kitchen table, bench and 1 chair, and a California King Mattress. All was well for the most part during the purchasing portion of this saga. Delivery was timely, except for the back order of 1 chair but even that arrived earlier than anticipated. First issue was with my mattress. We ordered a bed frame from another furniture store so our mattress was delivered 12/10/15, 18 days ahead of our bed frame. So the mattress remained wrapped in plastic, unused until our bed frame arrived 12/18/15. Upon unwrapping the mattress, my husband discovered an unraveled seam on the side of the mattress. We took photos, contacted living spaces, was given a link to upload photos, then nothing. After many phone calls to living spaces customer service, which included a ridiculous conversation with a representative regarding using the correct language (separation opposed to tear or rip, DONT SAY DAMAGE...didn't I send photos that contained image of defect???) or your claim will be denied, had to suffer 2 more phones calls to schedule mattress inspection. That finally occurred 1/21/16. Inspector said he could not give us his opinion but after husband pressed him, he said he thought the seam separation probably came from manufacturer like that. We would have to await the official decision from living spaces. I had not heard anything from anyone re: the inspection so I called first week in February, then again 2/17 and spoke with Nancy who stated someone would call me back soon, as Elizabeth had been in contact with vendor, Diamond Mattresses. All of March I receive no feedback re: mattress but had to now contact living spaces again re: drawer that would not open on storage portion of the bunk bed unit and another that was broken on the steps connected to the top bunk. To my surprise not only was a decision made to replace both components that contained the defective drawers but the exchange was scheduled during that same call. The even exchange of replacement components took place on 3/16/16. Unfortunately still no word on the results of mattress inspection.
Called again 4/5/16 and spoke with Stacy who informed me that a determination was made that the separation was not large enough to warrant a replacement but an appointment would be scheduled to have someone come out and repair the opening. 4/8/16 I call back yet again because I know no one has any intention on calling me back and spoke with Nancy. Now I have more problems - the full size bed that is the bottom portion of my daughter's Varsity bunk bed set, has broken side rails and warped slats. She was sitting on the bed and heard wood break and then mattress cave in on one side. Slats were not fully secured and those that were screwed in, were only screwed in at the very edge of side rails and since there is no center support, it was bound to crack and break. So in addition to following up on my existing mattress issue, I have a new claim. Spoke with Nancy and she sent me another link to upload photos of broken items so they could be replaced. The portal through which you upload photos I think is designed as a deterrent. I had to send several emails to Nancy directly with the photos attached because pics were too large to be uploaded. Pictures were 2-3MB each...frustrating. Anyway, Nancy was nice enough to confirm the receipt of photos and that she had forwarded them to appropriate dept. for review. She however did not have any additional info. re: mattress, no record of conversation with Stacy re: decision to repair mattress instead of replacement, no notes to that effect, like the conversation never happened. She only saw that someone was supposed to follow up with me re: mattress inspection decision. Ok, so I know I am growing suspicious and am pretty sure that they have no intention of doing anything to resolve mattress issue. And no one has addressed the issue that each time there was contact re: my mattress claim follow-up I HAD TO INITIATE CALL. Customer service leaves great deal to be desired. Saturday I scheduled replacement of side rails with Nancy for Monday 4/11/16 between 12pm and 330pm. She however was not able to provide me with any more info re: mattress - only that I requested an escalation and a manager to contact me. I did not request that, my request to have someone let me know when someone was coming to repair mattress - which still wasn't really a satisfactory resolution. That was also another clue that the previous info I got from Stacy re: repair of mattress had all but dissolved into thin air, and MAYBE a manager was going to call me with the bad news that the decision was to do nothing.
The representatives came out and replaced the side rails only, securing them closer to the inside of rails instead of edge. But my husband pointed out that the slats were warped as a result of them buckling and no center support. Rep suggested that we could add plywood for additional support and my husband replied that we should not have to for the 1300 bunk bed set. Of course, the did the bare minimum and left. So now we have to secure the bed to save our investment in this poorly constructed bed set.

Today 4/13/16 I get a call from Josh/Joshua, asking me what can he do to help with my concerns. WTH! I explain to him that I was waiting to hear from someone to schedule the repair of the loose seam in my mattress as told to me by Stacy that was the decision based on the inspection. He regretted to inform me that that was incorrect - the decision was that my issue was not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, nothing they could do about it, they are only the retailer. I expressed that this was completely unsatisfactory, severely delayed response. I paid full price for an expensive mattress and he is basically telling me I'm SOL, he can do nothing and I have no recourse, he is corporate and any other efforts to express my grievances would simply be returned to his desk. Well, Im going to do my best to fill up his desk and I am on a campaign to get the word out about their defective furniture, less than satisfactory customer service and poor after sale assistance. I will never purchase another thing from them and will be closing my account. Customer service is king and they don't deserve another penny from me. Living spaces management really needs to review its customer service issues, service is beyond dismal, its infuriating. If any one has any real corporate contact information, please share. I desire a new mattress without defect, reduced price on defective mattress, at the very minimum, they honor what was told to me and that was mattress was to be repaired.

Apr 13, 2016

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