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billing is Spokane WA co is Atlanta GA 30348, United States
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I went online to set up reoccurring payments. There isn't a way to set up partial payments over a period of time--only to set up a "reoccurring" payment to pay the whole bill, OR a single, one-time payment for a partial payment. Is this a computer/programmer programmer problem in setting up the page, or are they just making it difficult. I wouldn't be making this complaint if I could find a Customer Service contact on their webpage. I'm paying off this bill and taking my business elsewhere.

Previously I was on a "charity" account. They asked me to reapply, which I did. I didn't hear back from them. When I called, I was told that since I hadn't heard from them, to assume I was still on the "charity" basis. Nope. I wasn't. And they charged me almost $200 for my items. If I had known I was not on the "charity" basis, I would have shopped around for competitive prices. I got a lot of runaround, and finally did get a response, taking me from 100% coverage to 30%. A woman at the call center told me they had taken EVERYONE off the "charity" list and didn't approve anyone for present assistance.

Too bad these folks can't do an honest business. From the looks of all the complaints, this is a regular mode of operation for them.

My client nbr is 588-3750. The resolution I desire is to not have to pay the $200 they conned me into purchasing thinking I was still on the charity system, and also to fix their payment webpage so a person can set up an automatic payment system and not worry about missing a payment.

Jan 12, 2017

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