Lincare / c-pap supplies

Willowbrook, IL, United States

My husband, Gregory Box.. is retired working part time. He was told he was to receive a new mask every 3 months for his machine which he has had for over
10 years. After calling the office in Willowbrook, IL, they instructed him he needed specific paperwork from his MD faxed to them. He did that, weeks went by, nothing. He called back, guess they needed more but no follow up call or anything to let us know. This back and forth with the company and the MD office has now been going on for 6months. Unbelievable, I personally have worked on that side and I would always follow up with a patient and never put all the responsibility in the patients hands. The way this office speaks to people or just puts you on hold and hangs up is incredibly rude. Whatever happened to making sure that you help the patient receive the best possible care in the shortest time, not even a follow up call... come on. My husband has bluecross/blue shield insurance, he just wants a new mask for his machine without the run around. He has been back and forth to his MD office 5 times trying to get this resolved. Please help. Account# off original paperwork is [protected], his number is [protected]. If there is a home phone listed, disregard. Thank you
Valerie Box (wife) University Park, IL

Oct 25, 2017

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