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LG/T-Mobile / lg stylo 3 battery bl44e1f

1 West Sacramento, CA, United States

When I first purchased an LG it was 3 years ago and I got the original LG Stylo. I liked it so much that when my screen broke, I upgraded to the Stylo 3--biggest mistake I have ever made. While my original LG is still going strong with a cracked screen and all, my Stylo 3 started doing this weird reboot thing every so often, eventually it got to the point that whenever it came on it immediately shut off again. However, the battery said it was completely charged so I thought something was wrong with the phone. When I went to T-mobile and told the guy what was wrong, he said it was a reboot loop, so he replaced it with my warranty. Little did I know that the warranty only covered the front facing of the phone, not the battery or the back casing. I even asked the guy if he thought there might be something wrong with the battery and he didn't seem to think so. So, I lost more than 200 pictures and several new contacts because my phone wouldn't even start properly. So, my phone was replaced, but I still had the same problem with my new phone. Now I am talking to a new guy at T-mobile and he says, "It could be the battery" So, I ask him for a new battery, and check this-- they stopped selling batteries. So, I go to batteries plus and they don't have one and want to charge me $40 for a new one to be shipped. The worse part is that this battery is less than 6 months old. And then I learn that some of the Stylos were having issues with their batteries. If this is the case, why wouldn't it be covered under warranty? Also, why doesn't a cell phone store have cell phone batteries? Also, why the hell would my battery be bad after 5 months, when my old LG battery is still going after 3 years? This is BS! and I think everyone should know what a scam this all is. Not only did I have to pay $50 dollars to get my phone replaced under warranty when it was stolen, but then again $5 when it wasn't working, and they still didn't fix the problem! I think I am gonna go back to Samsung.

Mar 11, 2018

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