LG / lg tv defective

I purchased 2 LG TVs March 22, 2016. When I received it the HDMI port one was not functioning one of them. I am using port 2. I did not complain at the time. A few months ago the same TV, is not showing video. The picture is coming in and out. I called your support and they indicated to me that they would send someone to check it out. I told them that I bought the TV online through Amazon from a Company called Adorama Camera. I emailed Amazon and they referred me to Adorama Camera. they indicated to me that their warranty had already expired so I had to go directly to LG the manufacturer because the warranty had not expired from the manufacturer.

I called LG support and they indicated to me that they would send someone out to look at the TV. I indicated to them that I bought the TV online and it was shipped out to me by my freight forwarder in the US to the Caribbean(St Lucia). They said at that point because the TV is not in the US they could not do anything for me. If I were to send the TV back to the US it would probably cost me the same amount of the price of a new TV.

Now I have a TV that I paid $571.99 for and it doesn't work in less than a year. Even though your support was able to repair the TV I do not believe that I should be stuck with a TV that showed signs of defectiveness from the day one when I received it.

I was about to buy another TV as I do not have one and I am thinking twice about buying another LG. I usually buy items online and have it shipped out to me but has never had an issue of replacement if I had an issue.

I would appreciate your considering replacing the TV and shipping it to my freight forwarder in Miami. I have a container from my freight forwarder leaving Miami at the end of March.

I have attached the invoice of my purchase with all the necessary details including my freight forwarders address in Miami

I wait your favorable and speedy response


Karen Peter
Mobile: [protected]


Mar 20, 2017

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