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Dear LG,

I am very displeased with the customer service that is being provided.

I am very fond of LG Electronics Brand and I own a TV, Fridge, Washing Machine and Microwave, all LGE.
I'm very happy with my appliances, up to the point that I had a problem with my TV.

The model is a 42LE8500 and for the past year I started having problems on the HDMI connections. All HDMI ports don't seem to be working.
Coax, Antenna and Media Player (both USB and Network connected) work fine, TDT also. The problem is with HDMI which is not working.

After some research on the Internet, I found that a lot of customers are having similar issues with models purchased around 2010/2011, and they all point to some sort of HDMI soldering problem. It's very easy to find such cases:

I actually performed the test with a hair drier and the issue is confirmed. There seems to be some electrical contact/soldering problem with LG TVs for some specific product series.

Understanding that the warranty period has already passed, on April 2nd I contacted the Portuguese LGE customer service to ask for help. After insisting for some feedback I got a reply on April the 13th informing me that the device is not covered by any warranty and that LGE was available to repair the equipment after presenting a budget.

On the 23rd I asked LGE how could we proceed for the repair and again after insisting for some feedback I got a reply on June the 6th stating that the information was passed on to "Serviço Técnico Oficial AT Informática" that would contact me and arrange all needed procedures to evaluate the repair.
I had no more feedback since.

My TV is still having the HDMI problem and Its clear that this problem is related to a design issue. It should be of LGE's best interest to address these issues promptly, even if the customer has to pay or support some costs.
It's unacceptable that the appliance simply stops working due to a design fault and the customer service takes months to provide information and does nothing to repair the device!

The ticket was opened under the reference: GCU180402073846
The TV SN: 012WRKG2T581

I really wasn't expecting this kind of followup from LGE, which is completely disappointing, and I don't know if I want to go for a repair solution or simply replace the TV with a different brand...

Best regards,

Aug 02, 2018

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