LGdishwasher delivery

A Nov 16, 2017

I ordered a dishwasher from home depo on November 11th 2017. the delivery of the dishwasher to my home was scheduled for November 15th 2017. I had a class to attend that day so I had someone come to my house to wait for the dishwasher while i was in my class for aprox 2 and 1/2 hours. I then waited the rest of the day for the dishwasher to arrive. When it didnt arrive by 4pm I called home depo and spoke to them who assured me that it was still scheduled to be delivered today. They provided me with a # to call the delivery company to see where it was at. I called the company and was informed that the dishwasher was never delivered to them from LG and that LG was supposed to call me to inform me of this information (neither me or the other person on the account received any call from LG). they then informed me that they would not be able to deliver it until the following week once it arrives to them. I then called LG the next morning and was on the phone with a customer service rep for about 1 and ½ hours only to be told that GE failed to put the dishwasher on the truck to deliver to the 3rd party delivery company so it could be delivered to me. He said there was nothing they could do as it was GE's fault and that I have to wait untill sometime next week for my dishwasher to be delivered. I informed him that it was the fault of their company and that i was assured i would receive the dishwasher before the weekend so i wanted it before the weekend. He said that he called GE and spoke to them because they are the ones who "dropped the ball" and that there is nothing they could do. I then called GE and to discuss this situation with them and they told me that they just received the dishwasher from LG today (Nov 16th) and that there is nothing they can do to get me the dishwasher any earlier than next week even if i was assured it would be to me before the weekend. I would like for my dishwasher to be delivered to me before the weekend as I was assured it would be so I do not have to go and pick it up myself.

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