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Lg And Best Buy / customer service

1 MarylandGermantown, United States

We purchased a LG refrigerator (French Door white 22.6 cf) on a Sunday and they took away our old refrigerator and brought the new one on Tuesday. The new one DID NOT COOL! Discovered it only later in that day after it was plugged in. The control panel did not operate. Called Best Buy back. They said to call repair. I called an 888 number and they said if the refrigerator is less than 30 days than we could get a new one. We called back to Best Buy. The best reply was to wait a full 24 hours to "make sure."

The next morning (Wednesday), as the food was spoiling, the refrigerator obviously had the same problems. I called Best Buy - of course, the people I spoke to the day before and the sales person were off that day. Now we are 24 hours without refrigeration. I finally got a hold of someone in the appliance department who just did not understand me or the problem. I got in the car and drove to the store to explain. This new person kept trying to sell me a new, more expensive refrigerator! There were no more models of the original refrigerator in the area. He kept going off to some manager who did not had the courtesy to come over and help with the situation. To repair the machine would need a "Geek Squad Tech" to look at it and make a determination. The earliest one could come would be the NEXT day.

Many tears later and another day without refrigeration, on Thursday a tech shows up ("why didn't they call me yesterday?) and says "aha just what I thought - it needs a new control panel" - THIS IS WHAT I TOLD THEM FROM THE BEGINNING. He says it will take at least two days to get the parts. Later someone calls who confirms the parts are ordered and will be in on MONDAY (which is 4 days) - nearly a week after the refrigerator was delivered.

My husband took over from here and after many, many phone conversations (and he went over there) with the original clerk, who always had to leave to talk to a "manager", the solution was for us to buy another refrigerator and then when the original refrigerator came back in stock, they would come, pick up and credit the new refrigerator. We would have to have TWO refrigerators on our credit card until then. My husband even offered to take one of the dented ones until the original one came in...but they insisted we keep the original one on the card and we buy another. WE DID NOTHING BUT BUY A REFRIGERATOR???

To make this long, long story short we have spent hours on the phone and trips to Best Buy and in the end we told them to come and pick up the refrigerator THAT NEVER WORKED SINCE IT WAS DELIVERED and give us our money back. Is this crazy or what? Now to get back money for ruined groceries. WE WILL NEVER, EVER USE BEST BUY AGAIN (we had also just bought a computer there) and suggest the same to others - who want service and respect.

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