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Levis / Defective material supplied by Levis

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I have been using LEVIS products for the last three years and never had a chance to complain. But recently I purchased a LEVIS shirt from Company's retail outlet at MGF Metropolitan Mall at Gurgaon (Haryana) India. The stuff was defective and started losing color even before the first wash. The shirt was produced at the above outlet for claim. The shirt was retained by the outlet and after two - three visits I was informed by the outlet that the shirt was forwarded to the company for the claim but the claim was rejected by the Company without assigning any reason. I visited the LEVIS site but was unable to find their E-Mail ID. I would be obliged if you could help me in the matter.

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  • Me
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    i need you to contact me again.. i contacted levis & they sent me an address to send my jeans back to you, but, i lost the address, my computer crashed.. i bought several levis from j.cpennys & wore them a couple of times & all or most of the belt loops broke. some i wear a belt & some i dont.. i have tried everything & this still happens.. you did contact me & told me to ship them to you & as i stated i lost the address.. please send the address to my e-mail again @, so i can send the jeans to you for you to inspect them & figure out what you are going to do with them.. let me know if i have to enclose ship & handle fee to send them back to me just incase you cant help me with this matter.. thank you so much & look forward hearing from you.. my phone no# is (304)612-9717. ask for melissa.. again my e-mail add# is ( they are my boyfriends jeans).. also he doesnt like any other type of jeans & i would hate for you to lose us as customers.. thank you & have a nice day.. sincerely, , melissa montgomery

  • To
      3rd of May, 2010
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    in Bangalore some shop are sealing made up of Levis jean & shirts

    vishawa fashions
    chandapur, hosur main road

    shop owner number

  • Je
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I have bought 4 pairs of levis as well at the Jcpenny store and same stlye as always but they are nothing like the other pairs. they sit higher and they longer and skinnner. I double checked this with a old pair and they are the exact style..I bought these for my husband as he's always worn the 569 loose straight and have bought these more than one occassion but this time I went to JCpennys because kohls was out of the 32 by 32 569 style. I just want to send them back somewhere and replace them with the jeans that are suppose to be like the old style. I've never had and issue with the jeans til now. If I returned them to pennies I will be getting the same thing as they do not fit right. They are way off. It's as if the jeans were labeled wrong and are another style. I'd like to just be able to replace them with the correct style. So If someone would please contact me at reguarding this issue that would be wonderful. I'm having a hard time finding that jean in town as well so please let me know what I need to do to get this settled as soon as possible. I would be happy to send you all 4 pairs that I purchased plus an old pair so that you can see the difference and see the labels are the same and everything but they are nothing alike. thanks dissappointed consumer. Jen

  • Su
      25th of Apr, 2011
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    there are many stores in Pune, India where they sell duplicate clothes with Levis, and other company Tags.The action should be taken immediately coz the there are many dealers in SADASHIV PETH, PUNE who sell these duplicate clothes and they are transported to many different areas as a real Levis Brand clothes.Please take a necessary action.

  • Ha
      1st of Aug, 2011
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    I had sent this complaint a week back and did not get any response or resolution to my problem.

    I had bought a jeans on 20/7/2011 from The Levi's Store, Cochin (M/s Suncorp Retail Pvt. Ltd.), with Design No. is OL531-0343, size 30, orginal price Rs. 2399, price after 30% discount Rs. 1680.
    I had requested for altering its length and collected it one day later.
    I wore the jeans on 23rd and when I examined it in the evening I found a tear at the back pocket joint.
    I took the jeans to the store with the complaint and faced some bad experience.
    They said I would have got it torn on some sharp object, which I don't recall.
    They said merchandise sold on sale cannot be exchanged even if the quality is bad!
    Then they said it should have been brought back washed!
    As you know it rains heavily in this place and if washed it will take at least a week to dry. You bill says 'Exchange within 7 days with bill".
    On pressing the matter they unwillingly took down my mobile no. and promised to get in touch within a day, which they didn't.

    We buy Levi's thinking it is of good quality. If you are selling seconds or damaged pieces on sale, it should be mentioned somewhere.
    I want my faulty pair of jeans to be replaced or my money refunded within 24 hrs, else I will take this matter to the Consumer Court for redressal and compensation.
    I would also bring this matter to social networking platforms for the benefit of other gullible customers.

    Hashim P M, Cochin

  • Ga
      3rd of Sep, 2011
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    I had bought a jeans at one of your store in Rajouri garden Life Style Mall which got torn ed and I made a claim for that defective jeans. In exchange of that I took a shirt from that store which also got some defect. I was very disappointed with a very famous brand and claim at the store again. Now the store manager is saying that my claim had been approved but there is a condition that after this I can't claim again, for which I am not agreed I want the refund in turn of that claim. My claim no. is 3849 and defect code is 61682, article no. 0001, name R.T.T . Kindly solve my issue as soon as possible as I had claimed already in June 2011, and it had been already almost 3 months pending for my issue.
    Gaurav Tyagi PH. NO. 9717995701

  • Fo
      2nd of Nov, 2011
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    Would someone please tell me why I can not purchase a single pair of Women's 100 percent cotton denim anywhere on God's green earth!!! Why do you sell Men's 100 percent cotton denim but women must have spandex?????? This is getting extremely frustrating. Every single pair of Levi's I have purchased stretch out within 30 minutes of wearing. I constantly have to keep pulling them up and adjusting them. The fit is Awful! Please tell me why Men get the 100 percent cotton that fits great and lasts forever but Women do not have the same choice???? Please..can you tell me why????

  • An
      14th of Nov, 2011
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    Hi there I live in New Zealand and recently in a quick dash to the Levis shop during my lunch break I purchased a pair of female Levis, it was not until I got home that I discovered that the Leather Levi tag at the back had changed. The most important part of the jeans. Instead a low key crappy tag was in its place grrrrrrr! excepted my lot as a bad buy however in reviewing it further in turns out that the female jeans of all makes in New Zealand dont have the tag, unlike the mens "pissed off" please keep it orginal, Levis are not Levis without the tag. Bringing it back, Anthea

  • Ti
      25th of Jul, 2012
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    I have been using Levi's brand for my clothing for past few years it provide very good after sale service but I recently purchased 2 of my tops from Levi's store gt jaipur they did not take damn care of customers I asked for alteration they ignored it as I am resident of mathura I asked for alteration in mathura Levi's store Krishna nagar they did the same so I ask you people to take strict action regarding this.. Thanking you in anticipation

  • Bh
      29th of Apr, 2013
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    A few points I would like to draw attention of the users' as well as the concerned authority.
    1. While issuing license to manufacture Levi's products in India, is Levi's is sacrificing it's quality or it's a strategy to loot the customers?
    2. I bought a Levi Strauss Jeans Style:M49 (with a tag saying original riveted jeans) for Rs 3500.00 but all (yes ALL) of them got loosened on its very first wash.
    3. Yesterday I bought a T-shirt. First I found the Paper Tag is having the Logo which has on the Red area printed on it, (Levi's(R)) is missing form the Logo. And out of three logos printed on the T, two are having the problems alike. So what should I say about my worries now?? Every clothing (or any other product) has been checked and verified by the respective quality department before dispatching to the retail stores. How this product has landed in my hands in this condition or Levi's has just simply changed (removed their name!! from) the LOGO??!!
    4. If the defective products are dispatched and sold in the market, then where is the concerned regulators/authorities and what are they doing?? Are they simply shouting "Jago Grahak Jago!!"??

  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Levis 569 32x32 both side belt loops broke...minimal wear...kohls

  • Do
      24th of Feb, 2014
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    I brought a levis jeans and it is getting torn. I went to retail outlet they tell its wear and tear. but now it got torned of at another place. completely poor quality. I have not found any of my jeans getting torn even on wearing for years. It got torned just in 5 months and they tell wear and tear. Even on company website there is no mail id or section for complaining. Kindly let me know if you have any contact mail id or anyother way.

  • Ab
      26th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    i like ur jens but ur staff miss behave nd used abuse language
    from ambala cantt
    abhishek sharma

  • Ab
      26th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    hi i like ur jeans but ur ambala cantt staff its very bad nature
    he cant attend ur coustmer properly used abuse language
    ur staff insalt my family nd me
    we hope pls help me as soon as possibel
    from abhishek sharma

  • Na
      12th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    tard class material
    sell karna band kar do ye maine levis jeans
    shoppers stop bhopal se parches ki hain
    6 month pahle complaint ki thi koi response

    naveen (9713222230)

  • An
      19th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I got levi's jeans from shopper stop, inorbit mall, bangalore. and to my nightmare it faded on the very first wash! The jeans costed me 2699 and this is how it is...


  • To
      22nd of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have bought your 501 jeans for almost 50 years, but the last couple years your product has turned to crap, they are forming holes from cheap materials and falling apart in less than a year 4 pairs of shrink to fit 501's at $50 dollars in the last year and none of them are worth 1 penny you are losing this customer for ever... good luck with your flawed company

  • Gi
      14th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    Levi's has been reduced to Japanese junk. The Japanese bought this company and have been bleeding the Icon ever since. First they change the quality of the Denim. Then they've changed the cut to save fabric. There are numerous complaints about the crotch ripping out. And last they've cut the hem on the pockets and pant legs from a 1/2 inch to a 1/4. The LEVI'S company we grew up with does not exist. You are on longer buying the quality the Levi's name it represented! Please don't patronize them!

  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2015
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    i purchased one original jean (with factory code on button ofcoz), have some wear and wash (around 4 times), i just found the hole on the jean this morning. it look terrible if just push softly, the fabric easy tearing and make the hole bigger. faced this issued, i may consider the brand are not that famous as they have. I'm currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. if you want get back your jean, i will send you with free cost here. pls take back your bad product.

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