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I have purchased 3 pair of levi jeans and all 3 pair the belt loops have broke. The price of the jeans was 39.99 a piece and now when I wear them I have to put belt on and tuck the broke one under my belt. I will not be buying and more of these jeans and I will be sure to tell all my friends and family to stay away from them. I work to hard for my money to buy something that want stay together but a couple of months.


  • Je
    Jeanette007 Sep 19, 2012

    My husband has worn Levi's for 40 years, but lately every pair has at least one, if not more, broken belt loops. What's happened to Levi's quality? We're looking for a new brand that will hold up.

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  • Ga
    GaryBroz Nov 18, 2012

    I agree, I don't understand it. This has been happening to me over the last few years. Multiple pairs of Jeans bought at different times, so its not just a bad batch.

    Suddenly quality HAS gone "out of style" at Levi Strauss and Co...

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  • Ja
    J.A.J. Dec 11, 2012

    You have not pin pointed the defective belt loop. I can. I purchased 4 pairs of Levis jeans in the past 3 years. These jeans all have a broken belt loop over the left back pocket. Belt loop comes apart at the bottom of these belt loops. I have contacted Ana at Levis somewhere. She gave me a case number 2 weeks ago, still waiting to see what they will do.

    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Consumer Relations
    Case ID: 4019672

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  • Ja
    J.A.J. Dec 11, 2012

    [email protected]
    This is the e-mail address that I am dealing with these defective jeans. From Ana
    [email protected]

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  • Ba
    BatVic Oct 27, 2013

    We're frustrated because Levis reduced the number of belt loops from 7 to 5 and now there are huge gaps along the beltline. My husband has worn 501s for 20+ years, looking for a replacement. Levi, stop being cheap. you're losing customers.

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  • Je
    jefro May 14, 2017

    @BatVic Switch to the Lee Jeans. that's why I did not to mention the wallet pockets tears out on every pair . I dropped Levi for good.

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  • Bi
    Billet Bubba Oct 03, 2018

    @BatVic Check out the Pipe Line brand at Kohl's... exactly the same as Levi's except for the zipper.

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  • Lo
    Lothar1974 Mar 29, 2014

    Purchased two pair of 560's and with in a few months a belt loop on each pair broke as well as ripped the fabric. Now the jeans are unusable. I only used these jeans for work sitting is a cubicle all day. The material the belt loop is attached to are so cheap and thin it's no wonder they ripped. What a waste of money!

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  • We
    West Chester Bob Jun 11, 2014

    I Aggree, My loops have ripped BUT I am more upset with the fact that I only get 5 beltloops instead of 7. BatVic is correct.


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  • Jo
    John Carlile Apr 24, 2016

    Two belt loops have now broken on my lightly used Levi 505 jeans. Something is terribly wrong with Levi quality. These jeans are way to expensive for this to be happing!

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  • Ma
    Maestro Prep Oct 04, 2016

    9 pairs of 501's in the past two years... everyone single has the left back pocket loop broken... No others break... only the loop above the left pocket. It tears out of the material and leaves a hole so repairing it is useless!!

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  • Bb
    Bbyjnz Dec 25, 2016

    Same here, over the left pocket, then over the right pocket, 3 jeans in a row, will be looking into the return option, too expensive to be this poorly made.

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  • Ja
    James O Brien Dec 31, 2016

    I've worn Levi's ever since being a 7th grader in 1976.
    I always liked the style, the quality, and the durability.
    At one time during my college years I even went to so far
    as to work PT at a County Seat (remember them? - they
    specialized in Levi's exclusively merchandise sales) in sales/
    stocking etc... and I loved that job because I believed in the product.
    I've worn the jeans ever since but in the last 6-7 years the quality
    has gone kaput. Nearly every pair I've purchased has inevitably ripped
    at the belt loop and over time that rip extends to the pocket and runs
    north and south exposing underwear making these totally useless.
    Until reading this article after experiencing even more belt loop rips
    and 3 trips back to Kohl's in less than 3 weeks, I've had it. Why in the
    he** does Levi's not understand they had a product that was as American as
    Chevrolet and Apple Pie and they are now compromising quality (I know
    the manufacturing left San Francisco for China et al..unknown crappola)
    and losing their loyal customer base? Thanks to this article I do now remember Levi's
    had a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so I want to make sure that still applies?
    Attached are pictures of only some of my pants which I saved thinking maybe the store would get
    info from Levi's indicating they have found a method to repair belt loop defects - never happened.
    Please let me know what Levi's will do to rectify this issue. Attached are images of 4 of the pair
    I've hung on to.

    4 pairs - I would like them replaced. I shop at Kohls in Brookfield, WI - 124th & North location.
    Size is 44-30 or 44-29

    James P. O'Brien
    3177 North Colonial Drive
    Milwaukee, WI 53222

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  • Nc
    Ncgsoguy Mar 10, 2018

    Same here I have 5 pair of Levi’s 569 that have a torn or tearing belt loop over the left rear pocket. All of them are less than 4 months old.

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  • Ca
    Cachemerc Mar 23, 2018

    Same here left belt loop. They break after a couple wears. I always just return them to kohls for a new pair. The manager and staff all know me by name.

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  • Db
    D. Burns Jul 25, 2018

    Let me add my voice here. I have four pair of Levis purchased within the past six months that are sitting atop my dresser. All have at least one belt loop broken and some have two. I've been wearing 501s since the 1970s and have never had this problem before. I am switching to Carhartt though I don't like the fit as well. At least they wear without breaking.

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  • Ne
    nelson treadway Aug 29, 2018

    I called the company they said the problem was rare. no help offered. bought 2 pairs at kohls and both loops over left pocket broke off. Never had a problem in my 45 years of wearing them.

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  • Im
    ImCoady Sep 23, 2018

    I've had several pairs recently, a few of which I was able to return, that all had the back left loop pull loose at the bottom. I'm in my fifties and have worn Levis my whole life but not anymore. Quality control has gone to hell.

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  • La
    Lathminster Oct 17, 2018

    I can only concur. It is so weird, I actually googled to see if I was “doing something wrong”. I think it may be a misguided strstegy of designed obsolescence to get us to buy more jeans. Guess what... it won’t work. I will find a new vendor who has satisfactory quality, and give them my loyalty, and dollars.

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  • Jo
    joe done Jan 07, 2019

    Done buying Levis. Too bad, but the company is obviously treating their customer base as if we are lemmings following each other to buy more pairs of jeans after they rip, one by one.

    Well Levis, this lemming has woken up and will not buy another pair of your crappy fall apart, cheap rags!

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  • St
    Steven Johnson Feb 02, 2019

    I thought I was doing something wrong. Every pair of 501’s I’v bought in the past few years the left rear pocket belt loop breaks and then the right . I work in an office at a computer. Recently I bought some new ones and have been very conscientious about how I put on and remove my belt. One month later the left rear pocket belt loop broke on one pair. Been wearing Levi’s since 1966, no more. Will try Lee or Carhart, shoddy Chinese workmanship. Didn’t know they went overseas, when did that happen.

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  • At
    atlanta ga Feb 11, 2019

    @Steven Johnson If you still have them you can ship them back max of three pair and they will replace them. There is a factory warranty on their product. My husband had three pair in the last 6 months that done that and never had issues prior. Here is the link
    scroll down to the question HOW DO I FILE A WARRANTY CLAIM?
    in the first sentence it will say, warranty return form clicking here... click that link it will bring up a PDF for you to print.
    Print and fill it out also note that you can only send back 3 pair at one time plus you will need to insurance them and shipping is paid by the customer.
    If you have issues of your package getting lost and providing that you insured them for the value of the jeans and sent them through the post office... They also have a claim you can fill out on their site or call them directly to process and track your lost package for a refund. Hopefully that will not happen. Good luck hope this helps!

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  • To
    Toneman Feb 10, 2019

    I have been wearing Levi 501's since the mid 70's and it appears everything went to hell when Levi stopped using American made Cone Mills denim forcing the Greensboro NC plant to close. Now they claim to use Cone Mill's denim but in the fine print you'll see the words "imported". What they don't want us to know is Cone Mills has plants overseas using inferior cotton.
    Remember how nice and fuzzy Levis used to be and with that beautiful indigo blue color? The non USA produced cotton isn't even close, the denim has striations or "streaks" in it, feels almost like corduroy and is no longer natural dye Indigo blue.
    Then Levis try to make us feel special and offer "Made in USA" Levis for $80-$150 a pair using "White Oak Cone denim". I bought several pair of "USA" Levi's and some from Amazon and it's the same inferior fabric. I truly believe they renamed one of their China denim plants the "White Oak plant".
    Nice job Levi Strauss; force thousands of Americans out of their jobs by moving manufacturing to a dozen other 3rd world countries, stab America in the back by siding with socialist gun grabbers against our second amendment and continue to claim that Levi's are an American tradition. The new generation doesn't know any better they've never worn real American made Levis to know the difference.
    As for me I've bought my last Levi product...EVER. Hey you guys check out the All American Clothing company. Great jeans made by Americans using American materials none of this "assembled in USA" crap. They have jeans, shirts, socks, underwear, boots, active wear, etc. It costs a couple bucks more but it's worth it to support what's left of our country.
    Kerry Learned

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  • At
    atlanta ga Feb 11, 2019

    Hello to the person from Chickamauga, Ga - I am from Acworth, GA! My husband had the same issue I purchased three pair within the last 6 months. I reached out to the Levi Co. as I recall they had a factory warranty. The rep gave me the link and information. If you go to this link which is Levi.com website
    pan down to were it stays How do I file a Warranty Claim?
    In the first line under the question reads Warranty Return Form Clicking here.
    That will bring up the PDF and form you need to print and fill it out.
    Your only allowed to ship back 3 pairs at a time.
    The form recommends that you insure your box as they are not responsible for replacing lost boxes or items.
    IF for any reason they do get lost when in transit and you did insurance them the USPS has a claim to fill out on their site for lost items and value as well as you can call their 800 number. Hopefully you will not run into that issue.
    Hope this helps! Good Luck!!!

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  • Be
    BeeDuhbs Feb 22, 2019

    I purchase Levi’s 501 for my husband as this is his go-to, daily denim.
    I’ve had to purchase over 10 pairs in the passed 4 years because of the belt loop issue and NOW, he’s coming home with a ripped crotch once a month.
    Same spot.
    Same tear/rip
    He doesn’t do manual labor and his jeans are the correct size for his build.
    Come on, what gives?!
    This is pricey denim, but the quality doesn’t prove it!

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  • Ci
    Circlestrafe Aug 07, 2019

    I used to wear Levi's exclusively when working a night shift at a grocery store stocking freight. The only reason I had to replace the jeans was because the color faded. We were allowed to wear black jeans, but they had to 'look good'.

    I no longer work freight crew, but have an IT job which is half sitting at a desk, half going out into the field to work on network closets and support tickets in a school district. Now I've had multiple Levi's where the belt loop above the back left pocket has torn loose, and/or a hole wears to the left of the top right back pocket; once time tearing a nice hole from the top of the pocket down past the bottom of it.

    Levi replaced the jeans with the torn belt loops, and may have replaced the torn by the pocket pair but I never filed a claim for that pair. The defective jeans were ordered online direct from levis.com and were less than 3 months old when the issues happened.

    Very disappointed. Although I had a pair of Lucky Jeans which I noticed a hole right below the zipper today! I do wash the jeans often, as I wear them at work and can't just show up wearing dirty jeans. Working in the 'field', they can get a bit dirty, the network wiring closets in schools aren't exactly 'clean room' quality. That would be great, but I don't think taxpayers would approve the funds to make 300 closets dust proof (this is just ONE school district, too).

    I wear 38x32. Maybe I just need to lose weight.

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