Les Schwab / tire replacement

Tumwater, WA, United States

Caution. This morning a young man met me before I hit the door to check me in as they always do. They were swapping my studded snow tires off for standard tires on wheels. They never charge for this service and I have been bringing my car here for years for the quick turn around. Maximum wait of 30 minutes and as fast as 10 minutes. I know I need to get tires this fall and was looking at options on the rack. The young man that met me approached me with 4 options, I did not even ask him to do it and he stated, "I noticed your tires are getting close so here are some options to consider when you are ready", He explained each one and I told him I would do it later. He said okay and walked off. A senior employee asked him what I decided and the young man advised I was not going to replace them today. 5 minutes pass and the young man is back and this time stating that unfortunately they cannot put the standard tires back on the car because senior employees stated I should buy new tires instead. Wow, if my tires were that bad, I think I would have heard that statement the first time he came out right. Integrity in automotive services has always been questionable and I get taking care of your customers and taking the time to look at it from a safety perspective but this was not the case today. The senior employee that made the decisions this morning knows what he does and I seen him approach another customer in the waiting area with a, "you might want us to do this today and when the customer stated no thank you, you could see he was not pleased. I would not question their integrity if it was not for the FACT that only after I said "NO" and minutes to discuss their approach did they arrive with we cant put the standard tires on your car. They just took off those tires a month ago and said nothing about replacing them. These tire are not to the point they need to be replaced right now. They will make it through the summer just fine and be replaced in the fall. I explained to the young man outside away from the other customers that I have been coming to Les Schwab in Tumwater for years now and unfortunately today was the last day at the Tumwater store and that it was not because of him because his service was exceptional. It was those that unfortunately are mentoring him and sadly some people would just belly over and that is why the senior staff continue this methodology. I will drive into Olympia for business to get the work done before I return to that store front. Managers, if you really care you will hopefully adjust this behavior and for the public, get a second opinion, take pictures, and be cautions of the strategies used by some, not all to gain your business. This will be shared up the chain of command not just here.

Feb 16, 2015

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