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Ritzville, WA, United States
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On Saturday 10/14/2017 I took my Saab 9-7x into the Les Schwab dealer in Ritzville, WA to have my Summer tires & rims taken off and to have the old snow tires removed from my Winter rims the put on 4 other studless snow tires mounted on the rims. Since the Saab has a TPMS system I brought in a set of Rebuild TPMS Service Pack Kits to install. They did a good job of mounting and balancing but on the way home I noticed that the tire pressures varied from 39, 37, 35 & 32. When I got home I noticed that not only had then not put on the new TPMS sensor caps; which have seals in them, they also had not torqued the nuts on the valve stem properly. Two wheels were within 5 inch lbs but the other two were a full 360° furn with the torque wrench off! I called the store to ask them to locate the caps and send them to me since I did not want to drive 56 miles round trip to pick them up. It's now been over a week and I've not received them. I just order more caps online. My real point is: their service techs need more training on TPMS systems. I also was going to purchase new summer tires there in the Spring, but that's not going to happen now.

Les Schwab Tire Center

Oct 21, 2017

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