Les Schwab Tire Center / customer service by both manager les, and employee justin, at store 392 in ferndale, wa.

Ferndale, CA, United States

In Nov. 2016 I went in for an inspection on my vechile Customer ID [protected] left with a quote of several things that needed to be done. In Dec. 2017 I had mechanic friend of mine replace the UP/LWR ball joints and passenger side CV axel and driveshaft.
In May 2017 I returned to Les Schwab store 392 work order # [protected] for an alignment at which time i had told them about replacing the ball joints and cv axle. They told me I needed to take it and get my steering wheel removed and put back on because it was not straight, they did not do that, and my tie rods were end are adjusted all the way in (which i still have know idea what that means) also gave me another piece of paper with a lot of negitive numbers on it and never showed, nor explained it to me).
I took the vechile to a shop on 5/31/17 to have the steering wheel straightened at which time I recieved a phone call telling me that I should NOT be diving this vechile, my ball joint is very bad and could fall out at anytime. Well not understanding why it could be bad after just having it replaced in Dec. I called Les Schwab and asked about an inspection, explained what they had said about steering wheel, then what had happened, they said "sure no problem bring it in" on 6/3/17 I brought it in specifically asked Les to please check that ball joint, i didn't understand why this shop was telling me is was bad, especially after it was just replaced, he told me "sure, no problem" explained to the Manager Les work order [protected] they even had me return home to get the key to remove my lug nuts. When I returned to pick up my vechile they told me Both front tires are at 3-4/32. an should be replaced soon. Sent me on my way, so I figured ya know I trusted in Les Schwab I was fine then. Well that was by far NOT the case, I was driving down the freeway at 70 mph when my car jumped off to the left so hard I almost sent another car into the median, if I was a less experienced driver I could have not only severely hurt, if not killed myself, my 7 year daughter, and others on the freeway.
I parked the vechile, had it towed to a family members house close by, on 6/5/17 I took it to a different tire shop which also did a free inspection, who did not even remove my wheels, ALSO told me DO NOT be driving this vechile ESPECIALLY at high speeds! Your your your left front steering knuckle is bad and your ball joint is just banging around in there.
Now I understand people can make mistakes, my MAJOR PROBLEM is besides the fact I specifically asked the Manager to check that, was the was I was first, treated by the employee I went in to get an explanation as to why this happened, who basically passed the buck as to why i didnt have the person who did the work on it alignment and do inspection on it, to he wasn't the one who looked at it an so on, to on my way out the door a VERY condescending " you have a nice night maam" That was employee Justin.
So I returned Monday to speak with tbe manager Les, in which I basically recieved the same kind of treatment, "If I didn't trust them to do the work why did I bring it to them for alignment and inspection", I informed him, it had Nothing to do with not trusting them to do the work, It was Christmas time I am a single Mother if 2 kids and the work really needed done, I really didn't have much choice. So I asked him, basically because I didn't have the work done here you don't do alignments or inspections? "He said no we do" so I am still not understanding why or what that was even said for. Then he said it didn't show when they tested it, but yet two other people saw it, whick the first shop was only doing a steering wheel job NOT even looking for that, after I asked for him to.????? Both employees had No answers for me, but to pass the buck, be rude, condescending.
So I called Headquaters in which was very thrown off, didnt even get a name because obviously he had gotten a heads up from Les because he already knew my invoice # and my name in which I never gave him either. In which I am very sorry about that because I feel as if I was brushed off by him also, by him knowing that information, obviously he had already spoken with Les to get it, but told me he was sorry and would call and have a talk with him.
I am Soooo unhappy with not only tbe fact of them putting lives in danger for their carelessness, but the disregarding way I was treated by soooo many of your employees after the fact.

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    Rude, Do NOT do their jobs, almost caused major wreck for myself, 7 yr old daughter and other of freeway, because said they did an inspection they obviously DIDN'T do. YOU COULDN'T PAY ME to take my car there ESPECIALLY FERNDALE!!! LES the manager and employee JUSTIN HORRIBLY inconsiderate. Like to pass the buck instead of take blame for their actions.

Jun 13, 2017

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