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Les Schwab / complaints

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I've read complaints about this company. Do any of you understand business or do you just want things for free? Perhaps an understanding of how things work would help your ponit of view.

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  • Li
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    I had a break job done by Les Schwab, as we had been getting all of our company vehicles checked there. We had always had little problems, although nothing was unsafe, we had to put business off to fight them for a correction. Not this time. The screwed in the break line WAY too tight causing it to rip off on the front driver side corner, on a mountain two lane two way road, and I had to maneuver a full size ford econoline in between the moving traffic, scraping the side of a mother taking her 3 year old to school. I race cars for fun and because of this I was able to only hit the side of her car rather than rear end her, head on another car, or go off the side of a cliff.

    End of the story is thus, there service has been going significantly down hill for 8 years, since i got my license. I had two independent shops that we use, and another that we have used periodically in the past(who twice referred us to Les Schwab) state that the brakes were done wrong and that was the cause of the accident. We are now in litigation over the matter.

    I took the info to the manager, and he stated it was because they had many people come and go as employees and they had little to no prior experience in some cases.
    I have taken cars there multiple times, and they would pull excuses like I can not legally put the tires back on to there is no warranty on that item, yet I have experiences where I got my tires balanced and rotated, which includes a simple inspections. They put tires so bald back on my car that ehy blew the following day, with my daughter in the car on the freeway. I am responsible for my cars well being. This is why I pay professionals to look and maintenance it.

    Adding up the tallies of my own purchases since I got my first car and they exceed $14k. As for our company, they exceed well over $50k.
    I am not asking for things for free, but if I were where would be the customer appreciation.

  • Re
      13th of Aug, 2011
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    It is with sad regret that"The day the music died was when the man himself died" I have gotten so many tires for so many years and with great satisfaction. Once I had to file a claim and sent the tire back and the research team acknowledgred a problem and paid the bill. Awesome help. Today I have come against a problem unsolved. I went to repair four tires and came back to find that one was still flat. I needed to have tires"Bought at les schwab" swapped to different wheels. I was charged for it never would have happened before he died. When I was leaving on a trip to ND I got 5 miles out of boise and had a flat. the wheel was not balanced or they would have known the wheel was bent and couldnt be balanced. A little garage in big timber montana found it. Before Leaving Nampa Idaho I had the spare fixed and in the process found that a tire on the back of my van was destroyed. I needed a spare so they put the one tire on and sold me 4 tires and a rim for the back. I sat for an hour before they got to the flat and then went faster when there was money involved. they got so friendly and even when I told them we were headed out? NO PROBLEM we will put your name on the 2 tires and pick them up when you get back. Well you guessed it! Those tires put on in april and taken off for one bad one to keep all the tires the same were GONE. they admited that they had great tread and would give me 85.00 a tire Mounted and balanced they would have been 218.85 per new a wonderful Timberline at 235 85r16 look it up. I talked to a man named Randy at headquarters . He called Nampa and THE MUSIC HAS DIED SO HERES TO LES BYE BYE MR> AMERICAN PIE you are missed as another quality dealer heads to Calif. and brings the corporate percentage theory into play in once was an outstanding company. Randy seems to be a puppet with no real authority. On my other truck I barely made it off as they either didn't tighten or tightened the wheel too much and when I stopped only one lug nut was barely there. I'm leaving after being faithfull for 37 years. Heres to a mans man Mr. Schwab you did me good and your guy's dont even run like they used to. HELLO MR BRUNEEL your still alive and your service cant be worse than being almost wrecked and ripped off for 2 tires because I trusted Mr schwab's grandchildrens corporation so even though I wont make 1.48 billion this year like Schwab corporation.I refuse to smear Les it wont be off the back of a man that could have died because of your peoples inability to put a rim on right. Nor will it be because I need to steal a mans good tires and pay him less than half what a tire is worth. BECAUSE NO PROBLEM WE" LOST? THEM BRUNEEL TIRES WE GO THE EXTRA MILE> hopefully then I'll get 6 before it goes flat

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