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J Mar 07, 2017

March 7, 2017

To whom this may concern,

I am writing a complaint because I am beyond frustrated. I ordered a mattress a couple weeks ago and the delivery was set up for today. I received a phone call this morning saying Leons would be at my house between 1-4pm. I then received a phone call from the driver around 12pm to ask where my house was located. I told him I had to leave my house at 4pm to pick my daughter up from school and he assured me that was no problem. So 4:00 came and no Leons. I called the Brampton delivery center and the lady was very rude and not once apologized, she pretty much said too bad for me and I had to call Orangeville to set up another delivery date. So I then called Orangeville and the man I was talking to said that he couldn't set up another date or time for me until later. Ok, so I called back later around 7:30pm and talked to another man. He told me since I missed the delivery (which I didnt. I was home between 1 and 4pm) that I had to re schedule another date. I asked if I could just pick up my mattress from the Orangeville store and he said I could but I have to schedule something and it could take 7-10 bushiness days. The reason I am frustrated..
1. why wasn't the driver on time?
2. since the driver wasn't on time you would think that the people I am talking to would bend over backwards to try and accommodate me for a fast delivery or pick up (I will pick it up myself)
3. the customer service is TERRIBLE!! When you first walk into Leons someone immediately greets you, helps you with your needs, takes your information and payment promptly, sets up a delivery date and time no problem. You leave happy thinking wow that was easy. But as soon as you walk out those front doors Leons forgets about you and they could care less what happens.

This is my second purchase from Leons and I am dealing with the same issues. The first time I received gift cards and that is the only reason I came back to buy a mattress. I just can not believe the lack of customer service. I am a mother of two, I run my own business I do not have the time to sit around for a day waiting for a delivery and then it doesn't show up. Now what? I have to wait around for another day which who knows when that will be. I asked for a Saturday but my answer was "oh we are all booked." I am willing to go out of my way and pick up the mattress but I have to wait 7-10 business days for it to come from Brampton to Orangeville? I don't even understand that. I honestly don't expect anything from this letter, who knows if anyone even cares enough to read this. All I want is my mattress. I would like someone to please contact me to let me know when someone can deliver it or I can pick it up. Thank you.

Jenna Niedzwiecki

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