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I don't usually write about service I received from a store but I had to today, was at Leon's in Charlottetown Pei service was terrible and salesperson not helpful, was looking for a lift chair for my 90 year old father saw one in the weekly flyer when I went into the store with 3 of my friends was told to wait while they took a chair from warehouse which was fine.when they returned with chair I said I would take it because it was a colour I wanted ( there was also the same chair on the floor with no remote attached) was told I couldn't have this chair, I asked if it was sold and was told no they needed it in case someone came in and wanted to see the chair, I asked why they couldn't see the chair that was on the floor I was told no, while waiting for the chair to come from the warehouse I asked if they delivered I was told yes for 50.00 I said fine they asked where to I told them and the salesman said "is there no trucks out that way to come to town to get the chair ", needless to say I was not happy with my visit to Leon's and walked out where I was willing to give a cash sale for the chair I guess they didn't need my money that day!

Mar 30, 2017

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