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I Bought a Sofa and Love Seat on 17 Sep, 2017, from Leon's Furniture LTD Vaughan. Situated at 299 Bass Pro Mills DR.
My Order number is: 09167VNWLMH.
I got the delivery on 22 Sep, 2017.

ISSUE # 1:

On the day of the delivery, delivery mans from Leon's couldn't find the (Screws for the 4 legs, and the Middle leg) to fix the legs of the Sofa. So they cut the Dust Cover beneath the sofa and told me that they have written in their report that the dust cover and the middle leg should be replaced ASAP. Note: Middle leg are missing for sofa and the love seat.(Picture attached.)
I went to the store 2 days later to inform the Customer service Manager, available at the store about the missing part and that the delivery guys took the report but no one called us about replacement. She took the report, and assured us that this issue will be resolved in next few days. About 2/3 weeks later a technician showed up with 2 middle legs ( not the dust cover). the 2 middle legs he brought were not even matching the other 4 legs of both Sofa and love seat. 4 legs are black and the one he brought were metallic silver. but even than one of the middle leg was not the exact size. So he put one on the love seat anyway and told me that he will come next time and change the dust cover along with the 2 black middle legs.
Next day I went to see the same Customer service Manager, informed her about what happened, and once again she apologised and assured me that she will personally look into it and she has just now placed the order for the 2 middle legs in black and the dust cover.
Today is the Nov.17, 2017 and still no one cared to show up or even a call from the store.

Issue #2:

Week after I got the Sofa and love seat, I just leaned along with one of the arm side of the loveseat, and realized that the wood structure inside was too visual and I felt so uncomfortable. So I decided to inspect the other side arm of the loveseat and the sofa. I realised the 1 arm rest of the loveseat was less cushioned then the other. So I went to see the Store Manager. The representative asked what was the issue and referred me to store customer service manager. The same manager I saw about the Issue 1. So I informed her about the problem, first she would not even believe me that this type of problem could happen. When I asked her that in that case I want return the sofa and end the transaction with them. She replied that I can't and if I don't pay the payment, (which I never said that I won't) they will sent my report to credit bureau. it's like she just went to the extreme level for no reason. I had a small issue and was worried about that I'm paying over $2000 for a product and it has a default, which I expect to be fixed before I start using it. In one week I found the issue informed them and they just ignored me. Anyway on my pressure, she decided to send a technician to verify the sofa and loveseat.
Technician came, I showed him the fault I found, he sit on the sofa and accepted that in fact one side is less cushioned which results in having uncomfortable sitting on side. He took the pictures, me sitting on that position on the sofa and left.

2/3 days Later I got the call from the Leon's Store, where I made the purchased from, informing me that I can came and reselect the sofa and have the same sofa delivered and they will pick up the one I have, but I should come to the store and speak to the Manager name Joy.
Today Nov 17, 2017 I went to the store, thinking that I am going to reselect the sofa. I got surprised that the person who I was always referred to as Customer service Manager was not the manager and Manager name Joy was actually the Customer Service Manager.
Anyway, once their that person informed me that what she has on her computer is that I was only asked to come and speak to the manager (Joy). And that she has no note as reselection of a new sofa or so. and the Technician report shows that their is no fault.
But because manager was not available I was asked to wait 10/15 min. So I did waited, but in meanwhile I decided to speak to the Store General manager (Erma), she replied me that (I have to read the technician report and than decide what gonna happen). She brought me in the Customer service office and by than the other manager Joy arrived and with very bad tuned and ignored manner tells me that their is no reselection, technician report shows everything is ok. She didn't presented herself, or said hi, hello. Just jumped in the conversation that I was having with Erma(GM).
Erma than tells me that the reason I am having this problem with the side arm is because (I am not sitting the right way. side arms are made for leaning on, you should lean your back with back of the sofa and not the side arm). I got so upset with her answer, and I said to her that I bought the sofa, it is my decision that how I want to use my sofa. and beside it is a new sofa and loveseat it should not have that problem.
But both managers raised their voices and kept telling me that technician report says nothing is wrong, and I'm the one who is not sitting properly on the loveseat the way it should be.
So I got very upset with type of customer service and I raised my voice and asked them to provide me the copy of the technician report, or to show me the report. By hearing that they just got into defending mode and replied They can't give me the report, and if I don't lower my voice they will asked me to leave the store.
So I replied them how come they raised voice on me, but that didn't matter to them.
Just get rid of me they just said, they will send a 2nd technician and wait for the report and I should leave the store.

This is the worse customer service I have ever experienced, specially from the managers of the Leon's store.
At this point all I wish is to end this transaction, with Leon's Furniture, and return te sofa.
This was very disappointing, and such a bad service. Unbelievable.
I this get resolved ASAP.

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Nov 17, 2017

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