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Leon's Furniture / never again will I deal with leon's!

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This is a copy of the response from "customer Care" at Leon's. Beware!!

Excuse me? I have been in contact with Leons in Nanaimo regarding the delivery time and as the email states, I have not received any response from them. This is the reason this email was sent to "Customer Care". I expected this complaint to be forwarded to your head office, not back to the very people that are the reason I am complaining! Leons does not seem to take much interest in customer satisfaction at all. I have spent $ 4652.27 Canadian dollars at Leons store, if you believe this is a small account and I can be shunned off then Leons should adjust its Customer Satisfaction policy while you still have customers left.

This quote by Terrance Leon surely is not being followed ""combining Leon's rich tradition of offering high quality merchandise and superior customer service with the unprecedented convenience"

By the way, it is now Feb 14 and I have not been contacted by the Manager as you stated below.


Timothy Hurt


Dear Timothy,

Thank you for visiting, although we regret the circumstances that led you to write.

Your e-mail has been forwarded to the Managers of the store, who will be contacting you to address your concern.



Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 8:54 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: What delivery time? 2 months???

A comment from the feedback form has been submitted on:
Mon Feb 12 20:40:58 EST 2007
The information filled out is as follows:

First Name: Timothy
Last Name: Hurt

Comments: Order 12226NAXXX expected delivery was 12/26/06 As of today. 02/12/07, I still have not received the Sofa ([protected]) or chair ([protected]) The customer service has been no help, the only time I have been contacted is when I complained. They never called to explain why it is taking such a long time for a mass market sofa and chair. If I was informed at the time of purchase the delivery was going to be so long I would have purchased another model. This delivery time is way out of line. Remember, one satisfied customer will tell 10 friends, one dis-satisfied customer will complain to anyone that will listen... Never again will I deal with Leon's.

  • mustafa73's Response, Mar 17, 2018

    the name. mustafa tawfiq, no.6132522580
    the sofas are damaged and we are requiring warranty cover or fixing it, we are regular customers with Leons for years now and we look forward to get the help we deserve as loyal customers. thanks

  • mustafa73's Response, Mar 17, 2018

    name. mustafa tawfiq, no.6132522580
    the sofas are damaged and we are requiring warranty cover or fixing it, we are regular customers with Leons for years now and we look forward to get the help we deserve as loyal customers. thanks

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  • Ke
      13th of Mar, 2007
    -1 Votes

    My wife and I had a great experience with the new Leon's in Nanaimo. The products we purchased were not in stock and as soon as the items arrived we were called . At the time of purchase they even took the time to explain to us that the delivery date of 12/26/49 (not 12/26/06) is a fictious date for the computer system and it won't be delivered on boxing day(1949). Once my product arrived I was called and a real delivery date was scheduled. Maybe Mr. Hurt wasn't paying attention to the nice front desk staff when they explained this to him. And to top it off who would set a delivery date for boxing day, either a customer or a furniture business. The gentlemen who delivered our purchase were very nice and moved everything into place for us.

    Mr. Hurt its people like you who make working a customer service position so stressful & difficult.

    Thank you Leon's for your great service and we wish you continued success.


  • Be
      13th of Apr, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I used to work as a front office supervisor at a Leon's Furniture in Ontario and was also among the few that had the ... privilege ... of typing up the generic apology letters to dissatisfied customers. (Well, generic in the sense that they followed a template and we just changed some words here and there to tailor it to the party filing the complaint.)

    I do have to say that both praise and complaints *DO* reach Mr. Leon himself, whether in the form of letters or those little comment cards at the back of the folder. (Do they still have those?) I've seen the handwritten memos attached to the letters of complaints directing the manager or area supervisor to make things right with the customer. So while he may not have a personal hand in resolving issues, he IS aware of them.

    Now, what I'm wondering is if there was any indication after the SKU number or description on the invoice that the items were in stock. If the invoices were the same as they were when I worked there 2 years ago, there should have been an NA (meaning Nanaimo warehouse) somewhere in the lines with the SKU, description, and price. If the line was blank or showed another 2 letters (though I sure hope not since the next closest stores are in Alberta and from experience, getting stock from a warehouse from another province means that customers will be waiting for eternity for their orders to be filled), then the item was out of stock and the order was placed on the assumption that the items would arrive before the delivery date. Out of stock items typically have a 4 - 6 weeks ETA though. But if it just so happens that the order was placed a few days before the stock was scheduled to arrive then the salesperson would probably pick the next available del date.

    Unfortunately, there are times when the merchandise from the manufacturers or from another Leon's warehouse just won't make their ETA. There are many reasons such as CN Railway going on strike, the shipyard the merchandise is coming from is on strike, unreliable manufacturers (there were a few of these from the US and China. Obviously, Leon's only sticks with them cause THEY'RE CHEAP), or the order was placed past the cut-off time for an inter store transfer (IST). In such a case, it IS simply common sense that the salesperson, manager, or whoever is doing the backorder report to inform customers of a delay and give them the option to cancel the order or to substitute their selection for something else.

    Of course, another possible reason is that the items were actually special order items in which case, they would take *8 - 12* weeks for stock to arrive. However, this is something that should clearly be noted by BOTH salesperson and the front office associate. But hey, some folks are lazy and just don't explain every single detail. Similarly, there are customers that seem to be in space when crucial details are being explained to them.

    Anyway, I would have imagined Mr. Hurt called on the day of delivery to inquire about the absence of a Leon's truck at his doorstep. At that point in time, the delivery department, the salesperson (if he/she were available), customer service, or even a manager should have explained what the hold up was and acted accordingly such as rescheduling the delivery or allowing the customer to cancel.

  • Mi
      24th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    In addition to a templated apology letter, they also have a revolving door of excuses, placing blame on the furniture manufacturer, me, delivery problems, etc. Good luck to a store that has no value for the repeat customer.

  • Ka
      27th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    leons is a bad furniture store, cuz i am to cheap to afford anything they kicked my sorry ### out. can you believe that. then billy youssef kicked my ### all accross london ontario.

  • Da
      2nd of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I have dealt with Leon's in the past and never had a problem, but this is crazy.I order The Andrea collection in Aug 2007 ,I got the the sofa and chair in Sept still waiting for my love seat. They keep telling me it's coming,it's coming.well so is every john that's with a hooker right now,the only difference is they're satisfied customers.I would also like to know how can the advertise the love seat as a special all this month if they don't have any!!!

    Not so satisfied in Nova Scotia!

  • Mi
      14th of Mar, 2008
    +2 Votes

    never been so unhappy with a furniture in my life,i bought furniture there with thinking it was a a investment ,all i got was junk,had it for 3 months and it started pilling and they say that was normal,(not)same furniture 6 months later leg went up thought frame,and the rest of the frame is bowed.Phoned on a wed. they said a tech guy would get in touch with me ,(never) 72 hours later went to the store,talk to customer service ,he person was rather rude.It is bad when they wont do anything for you,Some people forget word of month travels.Never again will i purchased ,nor will my family and friends at Leons .
    Not a happy customer in Woostock

  • He
      27th of Mar, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I am having my own HORRIBLE experience with Leon's Scarborough (Toronto). I ordered a sofabed and loveseat and everything came on the proper date. Problem: The 3 cushions on the sofa bed in the showroom were all attached to one another which was a good thing, BUT the sofa bed that arrived here came with 3 individual cushions... which slide off the couch every single time one sits on it!!! You get comfy... and the cushion starts to slide. You get up... the cushions slide off. Pathetic!!! I want what was shown to me in the showroom! I call to complain ... Leon's tells me it should have come as 3 attached cushions and that the manufacturer doesnt even make them seperate and that they shouldnt have been delievered like that to me. Ok... so we make another date for a new delivery of the 3 attached cushions...well after waiting all day on the day of delivery, they bring us the same damn sofa bed cushions that we already had!!! Wasted a day waiting for nothing!!! I send the guys back with the sofa bed and cushions and didnt even have them bring it inside.

    I call Leon's Scarborough to complain once again. They apologize and then say they will call me back. When they call me back, they suddenly tell me that the manufacturer no longer makes the sofa bed with 3 attached cushions and that they all now come with 3 seperate cushions. I tell them to send me the one from the showroom. They agree to do so. Then they have the nerve to tell me that they only deliver the first Tues of each month... BULL!!!... as they were just there the day before which was a WEDNESDAY! They had already been to my home twice in 2 wks!!! Liars!

    So today I get a phonecall and they tell me that they dont have the 3 attached cushions anymore. That appearantly a designer took the couch and put it in the clearance area and someone bought it!!! OH GOD! THE IDIOTS!!! Why do I feel like they just keep coming up with more and more excuses to not have to do anything about this?? If this 'really' happened...then why didnt the guy get the cushion off the showroom floor asap as soon as we hung up so that this delivery could get underway??? I dont even believe them anymore.

    To top this all off... I paid for their 'leathercare' on the loveseat and sofabed. They explained to me when i purchased the furniture, that the couches are unpacked and sprayed with the 'leathercare' and repackaged. Well, if that is true, then why did they bring a couch with the 3 seperate cushions to me the second time around??? I mean the whole reason for the delivery was to get the 3 ATTACHED CUSHIONS! I think the whole 'leathercare' is a scam. I will never get that again!!!


  • An
      4th of Jul, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Well you guys are not the only one upset. We bought lots of things from Leon's last yr our dishwasher was scratched when we got it ...we called them & we let it go and went back to them 2 weeks ago and purchased a wall unit bed set! Bad mistake I tell you. We got the bed last 2 Friday’s and of course! Missing some screws, one of the piers of the wall unit was damaged and the staples in the back were out, plus the center piece was damage too! so, the driver calls customer service to get the technician in to get it fixed one called we went there talked to them got the screws, made sure she's ordering the part for the center piece and reschedule another delivery date for Friday July 4th, I'm missing a day of overtime to make sure I get my bedroom set all in and in good shapes! Well ...well ..The morning started with a phone call from Mr Randal from Leon's( the technician) who states in his message that ...If I don't call back to confirm my address till 10 AM they would have to re-schedule my appointment from 12-2 for him to fix my center piece! R u kidding me??? they open the store at 10 AM so, how am I suppose to call before 10??? Plus the number he left for me to call back was 905 318??? What the hell nr is that??? Anyway he called me back and said that He'll be there around 10 ?? I'm like 10? u said 12-2? he said No 12-2 he made me feel like I'm an idiot and I don't get what he is saying...he shows up at 10:45 AM instead of 12 ...or if I wasn't home??? anyway he comes looks and said to me well I don't have the piece I'm not sure if the customer service order it ...cuz if they did ...they would had in my sheet as a note?? so how long am I suppose to wait??? is been 2 weeks just to get him in ...and on top of that he said next week I'm off so it might have to be the week after that if they get it!
    I was so pissed off at that moment he left and I called again customer service...their response ..."Let me check it out and get back to you 2 hrs later and no response" long does it take to check to see if u order it or not ?? top it all up the delivery guys shop up around 1 PM with my exchange pier for the bed on which I was waiting for 2 weeks as well and they asked me what was wrong with the one I have I told them...and they asked me if I want to see it before getting in to the house...of course I did and Supriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    It was damaged too...r u kidding me I said to the two boys?? I could not believe it second one in and still damaged when we asked to have it inspected before shipping...he called Customer Service and told them that it was not inspected and they told him that they would call me back to re-schedule...I went fuming to them and asked to speak to the manager of course I waited 45 minutes for the Customer Service Manager Liz to come from lunch and said that she can’t do anything for me or promise to me anything when I'll get it replaced again and told me she would call me today call from her yet, and told me she can't promise that the next piece would come in not damage nor the center piece to have it repair ?? come one people..really how long me as a Customer have to wait on a exchange?? I told her how long do I have to wait for them to get it done and how many days of work do I have to miss ??? She said she does not know! What kind of people really they have working for them and as for Customer Satisfaction policy they can wipe their behinds with it!

    This is the Last time I'm purchasing something from Leon's and I will never recommend anyone to buy anything from them!

  • Ja
      12th of Sep, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I would like my name removed from mailing list please.

    Thank you, Janice

  • Sa
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I was an employee with Leons for over five years as a sales associate, and yes each one of these incidents has occured several times. No stock, mailing list issues, damaged product, no response or follow up to customer complaints.
    However, I have been employed by 4 other furniture retailers as well and these issues are the same accross the board.
    As of yet I have not been employed by a retailer which tries harder to ensure the satisfaction of thier customers.

  • Sb
      9th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with Mt Hurt. Leons furniture doesn't stand to its expectation. I recently dealt with the Scarborough Leons superstore about 10 days ago. When we made the purchase (bed and sofa)though we were made to wait for a long time, we knew what we were looking for so we made the purchase right away when the rep was available and then had delivery dates booked. We were then told by the rep that assembling would not be done by ourselves though we were told by a rep at Danforth leon store that delivery and assembling is done by tech. We took it for the assembling being done by ourselves as there was no other option left. When the delivery was made, one of the part for the bed was missing . When I contacted them, they said they would call back with the update and took almost forver to get back .Finally someone called and said they have mailed out the part and would take 2 weeks to arrive. At one point, They even wanted me to go the store and pick up the part which is ridicuous me staying in Downtown.
    Wih all the opened boxes and pieces of furniture stuff lying all over my new place it was totally not acceptable to wait for 2 weeks without a bed. Again somebody from leons called back and said they will call me back with the status in 20 mins and got no reply till now.
    I received the part though in after a weeks time but the whole experience what I had with the store was not what i expected after I pay the money to get what i wanted. Totally dissapointed with the service and will never buy anything from leons again not would I recommend to anybody.

  • Br
      29th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Leon's sucks. I paid for an extended plan on a dishwash, stove and fridge. the dish washer leaked all over my floor and ruined it. so I call the number on the diploma looking thing...well well its an endless cycle of elevator music and tele-prompt msg's. I don't think anyone works there. Leon's you are a disgrace to the Canadian public and I can only pray to what ever god may be listening that you fold and go bankrupt. I will never set foot in a Leon's store for the remainder of my day's nor will anyone I even know. Pathetic all over a 450 dollar dish washer...Shame on you!!!

  • Cs
      4th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I wish that those of you who have bad things to say about Leon's would try to look at it the other way! I have worked with Leon's for 12 years, and I am the customer service manager in a store in Ontario. Seriously there is not another company out there who cares more about our customers as we do. Problems will always arise, however I think that you are all forgetting that we DO NOT mAKE THE FURNITURE OURSELVES! and that damages are bound to happen when you are shipping out a million dollars a week! And to add to that we also are bound by manufacture warranties, in most cases a repair is what is needed. So really if you think that badly of us, come and work with us for a week, I'm quite certain you would change your tune. Leon's has been in business for 100 years and there is certainly reason for our sucsess! and its hardly because we "suck" its because we actually CARE about our customers!
    CSM Ontario

  • Le
      27th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Wow.. some very unsatisfied customers.

    I am currently working for leons (N.B.) i sell only electronics. A few comments rubbed me the wrong way.. lets get a few things strait. in order to make money since we are all working on commision we NEED you to come back... so it only makes sence that the employies here and esspecially the sales staff treat you well and to the best of OUR ability serve you. (our customer)
    We all work and have rules to follow.. sometimes it takes a little longer to get things done and sometimes it takes a long time to get something done(and maybe even end with you being un happy with your purchase) BUT i cant stress this enough.. we dont get paid untill u recieve all of your merchandise so we often.. (for me its ALWAYS) try to get the ### out of our werehouse and into ur home! thats how i make money..

    atleast 20% of all my costomers are repeat or word of mouth.. and i have been here for 15 months! 20% OF MY PAY! the rest are new costomers.. that is huge! sooo in saying all of that.. just what was stated befor by someone else.. EVERYBODY has these issues. there is NO electronics or furniture store that focusses more on keeping their customer happy. im sure u are all great listeners and never make mistakes but SOME people do and some people just cant be happy with any efforts made by a store(that is dealing with alot more peole than yourself.) so just keep all that in mind when choosing a furniture store over leons..(which by the way i do not suggest)

    final note: because the sales staff here at leons are working on commission there is great attention payed to keeping that VALUED customer. Why are you valued? u pay our bills. plain and simple. by keeping you happy and making sure you come back you are putting food on our table. Evrybody likes money so even if i dont like a customer i want them to come back to see ME. i hear strait from the customers mouths that therer is no other place they will shop, im sure its not because of the horrible service they received.

    100 years and still going strong.

  • Ge
      11th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Quote: " 129 days ago by CSMontario 0 Votes
    I wish that those of you who have bad things to say about Leon's would try to look at it the other way! I have worked with Leon's for 12 years, and I am the customer service manager in a store in Ontario. Seriously there is not another company out there who cares more about our customers as we do. Problems will always arise, however I think that you are all forgetting that we DO NOT mAKE THE FURNITURE OURSELVES! and that damages are bound to happen when you are shipping out a million dollars a week! And to add to that we also are bound by manufacture warranties, in most cases a repair is what is needed. So really if you think that badly of us, come and work with us for a week, I'm quite certain you would change your tune. Leon's has been in business for 100 years and there is certainly reason for our sucsess! and its hardly because we "suck" its because we actually CARE about our customers!
    CSM Ontario "

    Clearly you are not a very good customer service manager. Working in a fortune 100 distribution company, we also do not build our own products, however we dont make excuses. We treat every situation whether it be a $50 purchase or a 500, 000 order. We know lead times, build times and can provide an approximate delivery date within a certain window.

    So dont sit there and make excuses about how you dont build the product. As the person representing the product and selling the product, we as the consumer are being represented by you. We are paying YOU. So again, please dont make excuses. I understand you care about the customer, but clearly you are making excuses. Dont make excuses and provide the correct and honest information.

  • Jo
      20th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    We also had the pleasure or more aptly displeasure of dealing with the customer service area of Leon's. We purchased a new dishwasher, fridge and washer and dryer with extended warranties. After having the appliances for a few months we noticed that there were a few issues that did need to be repaired, we proceeded to contact Leon's service department, the first time I gave the customer care rep an the other end of the phone all the serial numbers, repairs required etc, she advised me that I should get a call within 24 to 48 hours later. I am still waiting. The second time I called I spoke with a different customer care rep told her the name of the first rep and the details again, she looked into this and said that they required our address. I provided her with the address, she said that someone would get in contact with us within 24 to 48 hours. I am still waiting for the call. Today my husband got very upset with all this crap and proceeded to call, he would not speak with anyone other than the store manager, who then proceeded to tell him that they had tried numerous times to contact us. Now I am not sure who they tried to contact as I gave them our home and cell phone numbers which all have an answering system as well as call display not once did Leon's phone number show up. The manager then proceeded to tell him to call the manufacturer himself. He called the manufacturer himself which told him that Leon's customer care dept. had told the manufacturer that we would call them directly ourselves. Never once did Leon's customer care dept. tell us this fact or call us back to tell us this fact. So much for good customer service, once they have your money that's where it ends.

  • Ba
      8th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased my SAMSUNG fridge from Leons and 4 days after delivery was made I noticed the damage on the lower end of the fridge and on the side. It looked like the delivery people made the physical damage while delivering. The fridge started making weird noises, so I went back to Leons and asked them if they can fix it or exchange. Leons said they have nothing to do with this and I have to call Samsung. So I did. Samsung said that if this is a damage done by Leons, then Leon’s has to deal with this issue.
    After noticing that nobody is willing to take care of this matter it I stopped calling.

    Few months later the bottom door would not close properly, so I called Leon’s and again they told me to call Samsung…(Leons also mention that they will only replace it if technician decide to) so I did call Samsung.
    At this time Samsung sand tech to may house to do the estimate. The technician couldn’t figure out what’s going on. Few days later they send another tech. and he find out that the bottom of the fridge is damage (the complete frame of the fridge was damage upon delivery and this causes the door not closing properly)
    Technician called it “delivery damage”. Most likely the fridge was dropped and that caused the frame damage. He advised me that the fridge can NOT be fixed and it has to be replaced.

    After that I was waiting for Leon’s to call me and advise me about the replacing procedure. Nobody called me. So I called Leon’s. They advised me that they will not replace the fridge instead they will send another technician to my house to see the fridge. So I took another half a day off from work and waited for tech. He never showed up. (Maybe because he didn’t know what to do since it can’t be fixed) So at 8 PM I went back to Hamilton Leons to ask what happened. So Peter and Dave from customer service where “very sorry” and they said that they will try to replace the fridge, and they will call me next day to tell me what’s going to happened. They never called back. So I did call and Peter said he spoke to Samsung and they are working on the replacement and he’s going to call me next day. He never did.

    So next day I went to Leon’s and spoke to Evelyn – Customer Service. She said she called me but she couldn’t leave message. I checked my answering machine and caller ID. She never called me back. Instead she told me she will need to send another technician to my house to see the fridge. At this point I told her that she is wasting everyone’s time and I left.

    Next day I call Leon’s again and asked them to send the technician to my house for the 4th time and of course tech said the same thing: the frame of the fridge was damage upon delivery by Leon’s and it’s not fixable. It has to be replaced.

    I am writing this letter so every customer sees what kind of service Leon’s has. I took 4 days off work. Now it’s over a month since the technician was in my house and nobody from Leons called me back. Right now they left me with broken fridge and missing decorative parts as the one of technician was at my house and took them off to do the estimate and never put them back (but this is not the actual problem).

    At this point I am sick and tired to deal with Leon’s I will go a buy a new fridge.
    I don’t want anything from Leon’s. I just want everybody to know about this issue, therefore I will forward this letter to everyone in our community to make their own judgment.
    Do not shop at LEON’s. They do not care about the customer!!!

  • Jd
      14th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Had fun at Leons. They've treated us like gold and we didn't even spend that much. had a blast shoppin' there too during an anniversary sale - free coffee and treats and staff were fun:) it's always hard to tell which complaints are legitimate and which complaints are from people who just love to complain. All I know is that the best companies in the world screw up and it's up to all of us to work together to solve problems. The complaints above are nothing compared to the real tragedies in life. some of you - shame on you. grow up.

  • Dy
      18th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    When you buy something at Leon's Calgary, the delivery date indicated in the invoice is a BIG BIG BIG BIG lie. They are not really really committed with the delivery date. I bought a furniture to be delivered within 6 weeks. Came 6 weeks they called me up, telling I should wait for another 2 weeks. I waited for that 2 weeks but no delivery was made. Thereafter, I had been calling them each week for 3 months. They could not even give even the approximate date of delivery - blaming it all to their supplier. They could not tell me when, even the approximate date of delivery, say, ok Mr. your purchase will be delivered after 3 months and please wait for it. But no, according to them, they didn'nt know when the item will be delivered, that was of course, after the fact that I had already paid for my purchase. Too much for 5 months to wait for the delivery, finally, I cancelled my order. Another thing, the customer service personnel who attended my order cancellation was very rude. With all my tolerance for the delay, she was not even apologetic, she had more guts trying to defend and defend leon's side. Anyway, my experience with Leon's gave me a lesson that I, MY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FRIENDS OF MY FRIENDS WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN AT LEON's CALGARY.

  • Je
      4th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yesterday we bought an end table at the Concord location and noticed an obvious scratch on one of the legs, so we took it back to the store and got a replacement back. And guess what, before we even opened the box we noticed a cut on the box and could see the pieces inside, which are CLEARLY DAMAGED. CHIPPED. SCRATCHED. much worse than the one before. this is just ridiculous. NEVER BUY FROM LEON'S AGAIN.

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