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Lease Finance Group / credit card lease

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Phone: 866 781-0440

I am looking for any info you may have on a credit card company. I was approached by a sales person from Wholesale Merchant Services in Feb 05. He told me my Hypercom machine was illegal as it printed out the customer card #. I found out later that it only needed to be
reprogrammed. He convinced me to take their machine in its place. Once I had the machine and sent them mine in exchange he then told me I had to agree to a "non-cancelable" lease. I balked and told him I would not. He promised to let me out anytime I requested, so I agreed. When I realized that I had been had by these guys I switched credit card companies. I was charged $800 for this. I'm guessing it was in the fine print. I found that the credit card lease was held by a different company - Lease Finance Group LLC. They refused to sell me the machine or let me out of the lease. This meant paying about 10 times the cost of the machine over the 4 year period. I later had my bank stop the withdrawals and switched to a local bank. They have harassed me constantly ever since. Calling my cell / home / and business non-stop. I am hoping I was not the only dummy to fall for this scheme and am wondering if the Virginia attorney generals office can help me resolve this problem. Any help with this matter would be most appreciated.
Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart
Your Golf Ball Shop
6229 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach Va. 23464
tel: [protected]

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  • He
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Sorry to hear you had a similar experience with Lease Finance Group LLC. What a scam these guys are. I have stopped payments to them now that I am seeing the bigger picture of what a ripoff they are. I have never used their services and was shocked to find out that I had been charged about 10x the value of the equipment that they sent me. The sales person that contacted me was very pushy and now I know why, but at the time, I was trying to get the credit card accepting end of my new business squared away and up and running. Little did I realize that they feed on this kind of a situation where someone new to small business looks to them for "professional advice" and in return, gets ripped off.

    I have decided to take the route of writing a letter to the attorney general's office here in California to begin with. They have started their series of threatening phone calls, etc., but I am not going to sit idle on this one, not this time. They are damaging too many people and the internet is filling up with stories of how they took advantage of new ones and their small business needs.

    I will share everything that I am doing here on this site as the days go by. I want to see them hit with an avalanche of attorney general calls from whoever also files at least a letter against them. I will do whatever it
    takes to put the spotlight on them and will share any and all information related to them with anyone.
    I have a friend who is a lawyer and can advise me of what steps to take to offset their response to these various agencies. If they have a website presence, I will send a letter to the FTC as well. By law, they have to pursue any names given to them that is associated with a complaint.

    I would also appreciate hearing from any one of you who have taken any action against them. Whatever works, let's use it corporately to get rid of these scam artists.

    Henry Hubby

  • Ll
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    i also got screwed over by lease finance group and i am still trying to fight them off. please help me out, contact me at

    i dont know what i should do please help

  • Po
      6th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too was ripped off by the lease finance group. The sales rep, promised that i could get out of the lease as long as i cancelled within 30 days. She reassured me that the non- cancellable clause would not hold true as long as i cancelled within the allotted timeframe. Everytime i call the company to try to cancel they tell me that i have to pay becasue the lease is non cancellable. I've called to get the address to send the machine back to and they will not give it to me. What type of shady comapny does that. I finally spoke to one of the supervisiors in an attemp to get my sales reps supervisor on the line. He told me his first name, COLTE but said that he didnt know his last name. I canceled my bank account as the collector informed me that they are going to begin drafing all types of fees out of my account. This has been a complete scam! I am going to contract the BBB, FTC and Attorney General Office here in Georgia to nake sure that they are aware of whats going on.
    Polished & Pretty Jewelry

  • Da
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    My complaints are the same as everyone else. fraud, misrepresentation, forgery, harrasment! Has anyone had any luck fighting them?

    I complained to the BBB and after 3 months the BBB closed the complaint.
    LFG sent me a "affidavid of misrepresentation" that required me to give them my SSN, drivers liscene number and much more. I refuse to give them any further acces to my personal life than they already do.

    If anyone has had any luck fighting them please contact me
    I am at the end of my rope with them & their revolting business practices!

  • Ri
      6th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hello Henry,

    These scam artists put a scam on my mom as well. She had a credit card machine that she owns and was paid for in full. The sales guy in Oakland, CA made my mom sign the contract while hiding the lease schedule. He was extremely clever while pushing my mom to sign the documents. He hid the top portion of teh lease scehdule from her. The lease schedule is for 48 months at a cost of about $45 / month. My mom is 64 years old and about to retire. Why in the world would she sign a 48 month lease for something that she already has.

    After my mom realized what happened, we tried contacting them many times, and no one ever picks up the phone.

    The smart thing to do is to change your bank account or change your bank completely. Since this is a scam, the odds of them taking legal action is low. I'll be surprised if a lawyer does not make a class action law suite against them in the near future.

    We will visit this site as well. I will inform my lawyer friends. These scam artists need to be stopped. I just wonder HOW CAN THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES...

  • He
      17th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    These people are CROOKS!! Got to stop them. Who wants to get a lawyer to represent all of us and charge all fees back to the s.o.b.s? Can we get a twitter going in order to locate as many people as possible who have been screwed by them?


  • As
      14th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Same thing happened to us. We had our "agent" disappear on us. He even took the machine for "programing" and never returned it. Now we have a lease with no machine. (Which we never needed...) These people are crooks!!!


  • Re
      22nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I Also have been scammed by these con artists, in all the same ways...

    What happened to rif & pretty & polished is almost word for word what happened with us ... I reccomend everyone here also go over to [redacted] & report it there as well. Might as well deal these scammers as much havoc as they so justly deserve.


  • Th
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Alright guys lets shed some light on the reasons that this occurs and what you can do to stop it in the future. Myself I am the Merchant Relations Vice President of a processing company here in the United States. Since our own company uses LFG as a leasing company I am not going to reveal what business I work for myself. The problem here is partially LFG but chances are they aren't the ones who set the terms. The actual credit card processing company has sales agents contacting businesses all over the United States to earn new accounts. These sales reps are the ones themselves that are guilty and have created these fraudulent activites against you. What happens is the agent is offered 25-50% commission on any sale he obtains. However since the processors themselves do not offer leasing, or loans for the equipment you are left with only the option to buy the equipment outright. No one is going to pay 2000-3000 dollars for a machine if they realize how much they are being charged. This is where LFG comes in. The sales representative gets you to agree to a monthly payment maybe 49.95 a month or more (maybe less if your lucky). They use LFG which happens to have a non-cancelable lease agreement to fund the amount. That way they get paid upfront and the debt is between you and LFG. LFG is not guilty in this problem in the least way other than their poor joke of a customer service department. LFG's agents do not make commission and would have no reason to rip you off. The sales agents make plenty of commission though and have a very good reason to rip you off. What you need to find is a honest locally owned credit card processor that actually wants your lifetime business and not just upfront money from a sale. There are very few of these in the United States. The company I work for is amazing to our customers and is owned by an actual human being, not a corporate world. We use LFG on a regular basis and while I agree that their service sucks, we have never had a consumer complain of the problems you've experienced with LFG. We have however had hundreds of clients move to our company from agents just like the ones that robbed you. In over 10 years of business we have also never lost an account to another processor or for any other reason excluding the few businesses that have unfortunately went under throughout the economy crunch. I don't know what type of rates and amounts the reps got you for but if the 1.15% range sounds good maybe you should think about our company. We prefer you buy equipment outright should you even have to. There are in fact compliance laws and some terminals MUST be replaced to be within guideline of the federal mandates. However this does not mean you have to buy equipment as chances are the ones you have are already up to date and compliant. We do not try and sell leases for more than 29.95 a month god forbid we have to even go that route. (however some businesses do not have the financing to buy outright and have little to no choice.) Unfortunately should you not pay LFG, the bad part is they do take their customers to court, and I have seen it before they win as they have a legally binding contract that is legitimate. However I strongly, STRONGLY believe the processor would have no chance in court and you'd probably also be awarded damages. :)

    So to sum this up in short I am sorry but there is really nothing you can do other than the steps you are already taking. However don't report LFG as they aren't the ones setting these prices. Report the card processor (the agent who actually got you) to BBB and the other agencies. This is what needs to be done to stop these guys. No judge is going to rule on LFG when they are within their legal guidelines to accept these leases. However a judge would definitely rule on a company who is setting the prices 3 or 4 times higher than the product is worth. Next get yourself a real merchant account so this doesn't happen again. I probably sound like speals you may have heard but also have the grounds to prove our work. We have tons of referrals that can tell you themselves. I will let you read any and all fine print to understand what is really going on. Best of all after talking to our referrals you will know we are not a fly by night company and will be here for life. If you are interested contact me at This is not the address for our company as the last thing I would want is the rest of my industry finding out I ratted on the "system". LFG could drop our company and cause major damages. Therefore just e-mail me and I will contact you back from the office. If you aren't interested in my services that is completely fine, I hope this has helped to clarify who is truly at fault with the conflicts you have had to deal with. Let me know if you need any more advice.

  • Wt
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also signed with a merchant the made me agree to terms with Lease Finance Group. The rep said that the machine was a lease to own and after 4 years of a monthly payment that I would own the machine. I paid $89/ month for 5 years and didn't even use the machine. I have since canccelled my services with the merchant and closed my bank account. Lease Finance Group is now sending me invoices stating that I owe them a monthly payment. They got more thant the it was worth. I hope they don't expect the machine back because I threw it out.

  • Th
      28th of May, 2009
    0 Votes


    Send Lease Finance Group a certified letter containing a copy of all the charges you can come up with for those 5 years. These are all 48 month loans and they should not be trying to collect still. They also should never have accepted a lease for $89/mo. State in the letter that they are to cease and disciss from sending you any information and to turn it over to collections. Once it hits collections send the collection company a certified letter stating you are requesting proof of debt. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) they are required by federal law to provide proof of the debt. Beings the contract was for 48 months and they overcharged you it will be impossible for them to verify the debt and they will be required to drop it and quit contacting you by law. Hope this helps

    -The Truth

  • Re
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear ~the truth~,

    The TRUTH here is that something CAN be done, and in fact IS being done ~ Check out the fact that Lease Finance Group is shut down at their Chicago Illinois offices already due to overwhelming allegations flooding the Illinois Attorney General's desk.

    I percieve that you may not fully grasp the extent of LFG's dishonesty in their dealings with their fellow man, nor the actual number of small business owners swindled by LFG's shifty practices.

    In fact, I should think that you would be most leery in admitting that your company uses this company as a means of financing, or has anything to do with them at all.

    You see, it isn't just the shady 4 yr non-cancellable leases... it is also the over-withdrawals on bank accounts, sketchy bookkeeping, harrassing phone calls, &, let us not forget, knowingly working with shuyster's.

    Quite frankly, I will NEVER AGAIN work with ANY company that uses LFG. And as you know, word of mouth advertizing can be both your best advocate, and your worst. Because while I might once or twice in a lifetime mention how much I LIKED working with some company or another... You can bet your pretty petunia's that I will NEVER cease to find an opportunity to let EVERYone I know hear about the wrongful doings of a company like LFG. Because you see, good manners really DO matter, and it's small business owners like ourselves on this board who have been swindled who still remember that fact... we still work face to face with our clients, and we know that when all the chips are down, good customer service & honest business dealings will always win out. And my friend, LFG has neither of those virtues.

  • St
      30th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    LFG -CHICAGO IS SHUT DOWN...YES...Partially thanks to me...balloon creations Urbana illinois...Now lets shut down the new york office...

  • Bo
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    Went out of business 5 1/2 years ago. Canceled all accounts, now LFG on my credit report saying I owe $3500 and $2600 under a different company. Try to call for resolution and get the runaround. Every now and then I'll get someone who barely speaks English, but never able to get resolved.

  • Jo
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Help!! These s.o.b.s still charging my account after a year of cancelling contract. I have made numerous calls to their service department with no reply, and they still charging my account every month. I dunno what to do, I don't want my credit to be ruined!!

  • St
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    my name and city are on the top posts. that means you guys can reach me if you choose to have my help. i guess you don't want it. :(

  • Bf
      19th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been screwed by this comp. and am still being so.I leased in 2006 Feb with my daughter and i sharing the machine for both bussiness's later that year she sold her business to me and her younger sister I had increase in payment and they tried to charge me a whole new account I closed the business location and went to home business I am still paying payments for 3 more months and will not own a machine after paying $109.00 per month for 4 yrs. These people do not have any sense of fairness and only interested in hurting business for mom and pop and small business especially. I would like to see a class action suit filed but what can I do in the meantime?

  • Ro
      5th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I've been trying to call them and cant get in touch with them. I actually paid off the machine over a period of 3 and a half years and I just want a letter stating that I paid the equipment off. I didnt know this was a scam even though the equipment didnt work and the small business I had closed about 2 and a half years ago. Nonetheless lease finance group still made me pay for it and threatened to jack up my credit report if I didnt pay. So now I see all these complaints about this company ripping people off and I'm realizing that I've been ripped off too. If anybody knows anything about a class action suit I can be contacted at I would appreciate any information and help in getting my money back.

  • La
      11th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too was taken by Lease Finance Group LLC, and when I tried to discuss the problems with there representative she hung up on me and refused to let me speak to one of her supervisors. I have not delt with this company in 2+ year and last month they have been trying to debit funds from my personal saving account. Need help with these people.

  • St
      12th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Lady the other posts, google me and call me...everytime i leave info the system administrator pulls it off...jason balloon creations urbana illinois

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