LBC Express Naga City / sodexo package that was not delivered!

Naga City, Philippines
Contact information:

tracking number: [protected]
date filed : May 26, 2017
package name: Sodexo

I tracked my package since it was not delivered on the expected date that it should be. And they said, that they tried to deliver the shipment but the recipient (which is me) is unknown to the given address. How am I supposed to believed that? This is the 3rd time I made transaction with LBC, with same package. And this problem appears only this time (3rd). I even left a note, that shipment can be received by my Mother, since, I may not be at home on the scheduled date. Delivery man texted me to inform that he cant find the address. But there's no resolution given. He just told me to pick up the shipment on their delivery hub, but it's so far, can't be reach by commuters. I need to know how I can claim it. And they need to deliver it even on their nearnest LBC branch.

Jun 23, 2017

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