LBC Express / misleading charges for packages

Mt Druitt NSW, Australia

LBC in Mt. Druitt has a leaflet explaining charges for delivery but they charge extras which is not indicated in the leaflet. This is clearly misleading the people . Also when you send a particular amount they ask you to send it in separate remittance so they then charge you for separate fee. This needs to be investigated . I will advise other people who wish to send thru LBC to find other honest options . I have attached the leaflet that they give people and it clearly does not indicate extra charges such as i.e. insurances I have tried this service hoping they are straight forward but very disappointed. I sent a small box to philippines they charge me 77 AUD when the small box only weigh less 1 kgs. Anyway all I can say is extra charges should be clearly indicated even if it is a small tiny print. This will be the last time I am dealing with LBC

LBC Express

Jan 13, 2016

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