LBC Expressassistance and delivery

(1) paid additional charges for the delivery of boxes to a REMOTE area, but LBC (Wao, Lanao del sur branch) asked my client to pick it up instead of delivering the boxes Door-to-door.

(2) Assistance (Market Market Branch) - came in too early this morning to get a priority number, knowing how busy this branch is. I am working in Market2 as well, so I returned to the office first to login, since they haven't started assisting yet. Came back to your branch in after 30-45 minutes;m, and they are already at Priority #33. So, I approached the staff to see if he can accommodate me as I also have to go back to work since I only have 15 min to work on this shipment. He asked me to get another number as he said he needs to proceed until the last number before he can start off at #1. So I am waiting here as of this writing for almost an hour. To add, you only have 2 staffs here, when you should have more considering the volume of customers. What a great service!

LBC Express

May 04, 2017

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