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Lazy Boy Furniture / poor quality/ mechanisims break

1 Monroe, MI, United States Review updated:

Purchased LAZY Boy living room suite in Nov. 2007. Delivered Jan 2008. Have had over 8 service calls to repair cushions, mechanisims, etc. DO NOT purcahse LAZY BOY...their name speaks for itself! Just sent President/CEO Kurt Darrow a letter requesting assistance. They claim "lifetime warranty" but what they DON'T tell you is that they charge $79.99 EACH time the service tech steps in the house. DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT! Purchase from them. Their furniture is very poorly made. I currently have 10 pages of a journal that I started on my initial service call... it continues to grow with each passing month.

Chair is STILL stuck in the UP position ... parts on order...blah...blah...blah. Sample of letter sent to CEO:

Once again, for the 8th time in 3 years of ownership, I have to place a service call on this American made furniture. We've owned this furniture since January 11, 2008 and it has been nothing but problems. What shall we do? Live with it, continue to pay the $80 labor cost, continue adding to my book, and move on. The reclining chair 410-553 is now stuck in the up position. Jan. 5, 2010, this same recliner was stuck in the down position. Called service, spoke with Pam. Pam started talking about the cushion problem from May 2009, which has already been taken care of. When I finally made her realize this was a NEW service call for a NEW problem, she stated she would order the part. (Part received). At that time, I was not able However, NOW it's stuck in the up position. (Same as it was May 16, 2008).

I was wondering what you can do for us to make us satisfied customers? It seems this continues to go on and on and on, and I truly feel that after paying $3, 193.08 for Lazy Boy "quality" American made furniture that there should be something you can do. We do not have children, we do not abuse the furniture but the furniture continues to break. That tells me it was poorly made and Lazy Boy should be more than willing to do everything in your power to help us. Rather than continue to charge us for labor.

I've told everyone I know, numerous times to never, ever, ever purchase your product. I cannot believe we had confidence in your product (an American made product) and it continues to fail, break, and cost us additional money for labor.
Since we have this part and need it installed as well as whatever other parts are required to make this furniture work properly, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could pass all my information (once again) to the President/CEO, Mr. Kurt L. Darrow. (See previous letter unanswered). I would like to request service, complete service (complete overhaul) OR better yet, a NEW chair.

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  • No
      4th of Feb, 2010
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    I have a very similar story. I bought my set new at La-z-boy Furniture Galleries in Peoria, IL. MY couch came broken and has continued to be a problem. I am very dissatisfied with the way my couch and chair and a half has worn. I have had them not quite 4 years and the fabric is frayed. The frame on the couch has also broken. I understand that the frame is under warranty but the cost to have it fixed is high and the fabric is so frayed I don't see the value.

    I paid to have a 10 year stain warranty on a couch and chair that has lasted less than five. Before this I trusted the La-z-boy name and worked with a salesperson describing my needs in depth. I do not have money to waste on furniture and expected to make an investment on furniture that would last for years. I will never buy La-z-boy again.2/4/2010, 8:47:45 AM - DH - Dear Ms. Murfin:

    Thank you for your e-mail dated 2-1-2010. Please review the e-mail below that was sent to you on 5-12-2009 in response to an e-mail you sent to us on 5-11-09 regarding the matter.

    Again, we apologize for the concerns you are experiencing; however, we would not be able to assist you with repairs or replacement of parts at no charge.

    Here is their reply:Kindest Regards, La-Z-Boy Incorporated

    5/12/2009, 1:53:43 PM - DH - Dear Ms. Murfin:

    Thank you for your e-mail to our company. We apologize for the concerns you are having with your furniture.

    We provide a lifetime warranty on the parts only of the metal mechanism, wood frame and springs used in our furniture. The labor to replace the parts or make any repairs to the furniture is limited to 1 year from your date of delivery. Any pickup, delivery or in-home service fees are not the responsibility of La-Z-Boy Incorporated.

    We provide a limited 1 year warranty on the fabrics and welting used on our furniture.

    Your furniture is no longer covered under the 1 year labor, fabric or welting warranty.

    We apologize we are unable to assist you or make any adjustments in this matter.

    The fabric is still current in our product line and you may wish to contact your dealer to purchase replacement fabric parts at your expense.

  • Li
      14th of Jan, 2012
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    I am having difficulty with La-Z-Boy upholstering. We purchased a sofa, loveseat and chair in 2006 in Agoura Hills, CA. The sofa pillows have become almost flat and we are sitting on the frame. The loveseat is doing much better. It would appear from the comments above, that I will not get satisfaction from this company but am going to try. I would not purchase from this company again and have told friends to avoid La-Z-Boy also.

  • Ro
      14th of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I wished I accessed this site prior to my purchase.Leg rest on recliner has broken 5 times, when I Called for service the service rep already the knew parts I needed with no prompts from me, indicating they already knew they had a defective part at the time of my purchase.I allowed them to drag this on for 3 months of replacing the part.After the 5th time it failed I told them I was done, they said they had developed a new part and would I mind waiting another 3-4 weeks before it would bee available I told them I had been without the full use of my chair for 3 months already and that was unacceptable they said they would call me back(that was 3weeks ago)when I finally got them to find out I was told they decided I would have to wait until the part was available.I told them that would not work for me.I guess I am a captive of their poor policies.just have to wait until then.This was a $1500 chair on sale for that price.DO NOT PURCHASE FROM LAZY BOY save yourself some anguish.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DON'T BUY LAZY BOY.

  • Ma
      25th of Nov, 2012
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    I have a Lazy Boy leather set, couch and love seat that I purchased a few years ago that has been nothing but problems as well. The foam padding was falling apart within 6 months. It took FOREVER to get them to come to my house to look at the issue. When the repairman came out he found that the foam was disintegrating and ordered new material. Now 2 years later it has disintegrated again. Also at 6 months the color was coming off the leather on several places. They did replace these areas then, but now not only has the color come off the armrest but it has actually cracked and broken through. I had an upholstery man in the house fixing something else and I brought him over and showed it to him and he said this was due to the leather not being treated properly during manufacture. Lazy Boy used to be known as a quality product, however they have obviously cheapen their product and no longer care about their reputation. RUN FROM LAZY BOY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

  • Wi
      23rd of Jan, 2013
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    my husband & I bought 2 wall saver recliners approximately 2 years ago alone with a twin bed sleeper sofa & ottoman. One of the recliners is practical to the point of being fodder for garbage . You can not set in it for any length of time without your back hurting. When you sit down you are sitting on wood frame the springs are nonexistent. You are unable to recline because mechanism is not functioning properly. The discoloration is horrendous. The other recliner is good and that is only because no one sits in it . We are extremely disappointed in the craftsmanship of "made in American".

  • Me
      16th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Purchased a chair from Lazyboy a few years ago along with an extended warranty. I have been calling the service center in San Jose Ca to arrange for a repair; broken springs. They said they scheduled me for July 2, 2013 but did not. However, they did remember to charge my credit card 70.00 for the service call. After numerous calls to Maria, the manager of the dept, she refunded me the fee. She confirmed I was scheduled for July 16, 2013. Well that is today and again they don't have me scheduled. Cecilia claims
    I called back on the 11th and rescheduled. Really? Is that the best you could do is blame your mistakes and incompetency on the customer. She claims she verified the phone number, so someone from our number called. Well calling them is a toll call and is not on my phone bill. The best thing I can say is if you live in Northern California DO NOT BUY a extended warranty from Lazyboy, they will use every trick in the book not to come out Or either they are too incompetent to properly schedule an appointment.

  • Pe
      31st of Aug, 2013
    -2 Votes

    My wife and I purchased two recliners and a sofa several years ago and unlike the above comments have been satisfied with them. This is why we were considering Lazy Boy for the purchase of two sofas to replace and aging sectional we have. We went back to the store in Sterling Heights MI where we made our original purchase. This store just recently reopened after being closed for some time. Apparently it was a franchise store when we made our original purchase and is now a corporate store. My wife online had picked out the Metro sofa several months ago. We had been looking for a retail outlet that had one for us to look at with no success so we were happy the Sterling Heights store had reopened. Yesterday we went to the store to see this model and were pleased with it, we only needed to decide which fabric to have it covered in. The store had many samples and we picked out several that we were interested in. We then asked about taking them home so that we could view them in our family room to make our final fabric decision. This is something we did in our original purchase. We were told however that it was against store policy for customers take home samples. We offered to purchase the samples but again was told this was against policy, we would have even made the purchase of the sofas but we would still not been able to take samples home. They did offer a designer service and that person could bring out samples to our home, but that would take 4-6 weeks. We could also order and purchase a yard of all the fabrics we were interested in but that also would take 4-6 weeks. This information was given to us by the assistant store manager so we asked to speak to the store manager but was told it was his day off and he couldn't be bothered with a call. The assistant also informed us that she would be fired if she were to let us take the samples home and then did not offer any more assistance. After leaving the store my wife called Lazy Boy to register our concern. The customer service agent she spoke to told us that she was not aware of any corporate policy not allowing customers to take samples home. The agent said she would contact the store manager and have him contact us to see if some accommodation could be made, at this time we are still waiting to hear from him.

    It is our understanding that opening corporate stores is a new marketing strategy for Lazy Boy. Maybe CEO Kurt Darrow and his board of directors needs to rethink this strategy and just stick to making furniture since it doesn't appear that Lazy Boy understands customer service in the retail arena.

  • Wa
      1st of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Here's my letter to LaZBoy in regards to our 2 recliners:
    We bought 2 recliners July 15/2010. We did not buy extra warranty from the store because we had faith in La-z-boy name and reputation. We should have. The back cushions are completely flattened; one chair has a 'tilt' to the side, the leather arm has splits that are ready to open right up, the head rests are discolored (Yes, I have cleaned with suggested methods and kept up with leather treatment!) I took pics now, should have taken them 2 years ago, as these things did not just happen recently. I would love to send pics of your chairs so you can see the shape they are in. We thought, mistakenly, that we were buying chairs that would last us for years ... not 1-3 years. We are in our 60's and have not abused these chairs in any way. I called the store we purchased them from, after one year warranty expired. Of course, no help there. A quick 'warranty expired' brush off, and too bad, so sad. We are in a quandary of what to do with these chairs now. We're tempted to place them outside of the store we bought them from with the date of purchase on them. We do not wish to have them taking up space in a landfill and don't know how to go about 'recycling' them. We both suffer from bad backs and that was our initial cause of buying La z boy ... we both use Obusform back cushions in our lower back area on the chairs now... for the last 2 years or more. Also we wanted a chair long enough to keep our heels from getting sore while reclining. I will gladly send you photos and proof of purchase receipt. Best option you could offer is free replacement chairs, free shipping and advice as to how to get rid of the current chairs. Surprise us; we could use some good news and some chairs that stand up to your name and reputation.

  • Su
      12th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Went to the Lazy Boy store in Sterling Heights MI to purchase one of their specially featured, advertised recliners. Good price at $299, however, I am being charged $39.99 because I am PICKING IT UP MYSELF from the dock instead of having it delivered for $59.99? MAKES NO SENSE! Rip Off and simply a way to increase advertised prices.

  • Mr
      13th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    We purchased 5 months ago a 2 seater couch and a chair both power recliners also a storage puff the couch and chair do not close properly the stripes on the furniture goes off in different directions where the footrest closes, therefore causing the material to crease. We have had an upholsterer out twice who said it was how it was made and that there was nothing wrong with it?. SCS do not want to know and we as pensioners cannot afford to replace this furniture at the cost of £2.400 pounds. Our G Plan furniture lasted 9 Years.We had faith in Lazy Boy being a good brand how foolish and out of pocket we are.

    Brian and Jacque Leeds England.

  • Li
      4th of Dec, 2014
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    Another familiar story..Have owned many lazyboy pcs. over the years. Very satisfied before. I became disabled in 2007 and had to resin. I was fortunate to be able to spend my last bit of pension savings on a new set. I wanted a chair and a half and also a automatic recline with power. I spent big bucks buying two pcs. a couch with incline and the chair and a half. Before much time passed I was forced to give them up after they began to fail to work, My couch had to be repaired, after becoming stuck in the up position. I was afraid of that because of my illness!! .We finally had to resolve to exchanging them, the local store was not happy and treated me as I was a pain in the butt. I exchanged my two pieces for two more lazyboy pcs, a broyhill rocker and a rocker glider, Guess what pcs are pieces of "you know what"?. The couch incliner stopped working after a very short time, the cushion is indented terrible, and the other end is becoming the same way. My husband started sitting in the other piece because of this and less than one month later the mechanism is becoming faulty also. I am so angry, we are both retired and take very good care of our things< I do not have money to buy this furniture over again!!! JUNK!!! I should have gone with my instinct the day I went in to replace the 1st set and bought the broyhill couch I sat in, but the sales lady had already done our invoice and was very impatient with me, I had gone rounds with her just to exchange the set. My advice is DON"T buy lazyboy anymore its not worth it!

  • Dc
      3rd of Jun, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I agree that Lazy Boy furniture is NOT quality made furniture. I received my furniture after three months of waiting. I received it and it looked ok. However, after we sat on it we noticed something wrong. When their representative came out to review our complaint, he inspected the furniture by taking some of it apart. He told us the furniture frame was broken. We want the furniture piece replaced as it was broken when it was delivered. When we called, they told us we had "signed off" on the furniture so now it had to be covered under warranty. My comment was "how could I inspect the frame".

    It has now been three months and numerous calls and we are still waiting for a resolution. When we call, they never return calls.

    I will never buy Lazy Boy furniture again and recommend to everyone else not to do so.

  • Je
      25th of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    We have owned Lazy Boy recliners and love seats for 40 years, as have our families before us. This is the first time that that we've had one break and had to make a service call. The service tech came out promptly on July 19, 2015, ordered the necessary parts, we paid our $90.00 and waited. All of the parts came in except for the 2 pawl racks that we need. So, on August 19th, a month later, I called the Raleigh NC office and spoke with Sidney, she was very pleasant. She apologized for the delay and said she would call the warehouse to see what the hold up was and call me back within 2 days. Ten days later, August 29th, I hadn't heard anything so I called and spoke to Kevin. He was very pleasant and said that it looked like no one had responded to Sidney's inquiry, so he would call and see what was going on and call me back. He assured me that this was a common part and it should not take this long to arrive. On Sept 11th, I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was connected to Rachel, who also was pleasant and apologized for the delay. I asked if she could take the part we need off of an existing chair or pull one off of the assembly line. She said this was not possible but she would inquire as to the hold up and get back to us. It is now Sept 25th and we have not received a call from anyone in the Lazy Boy company. My husband is a veteran and has a bad back. Lazy Boy is the only chair he has found that gives him the support he needs. We are trying not to lose hope that our chairs will be fixed. Will let you know when this is resolve.

  • Ka
      21st of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I posted my dissatisfaction with the poor quality of the LaZboy products and even worse customer service I received on their Facebook page as well as in their review section on their Facebook page. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. Here is my story:
    I purchased a power sofa and loveseat recliner on 9/1/14 from their store in San Jose, CA. Although they had the exact couch I wanted on display (same fabric, color, everything) I was told that it wouId be a "custom order" and take 8-12 weeks. That was fine, they were delivered as promised on 10/25/14. Almost immediately the right side of the sofa seat cushion began to disintegrate to the point where we were sitting on the cheap plywood the sofa is constructed with. We contacted LaZboy customer service and they sent a technician out to assess our sofa. The technician deemed it broken and LaZboy contacted me on 7/6/15 to tell me that the repair had been approved and it would take 6-8 weeks for me to receive the new part. On 9/23/15 (almost 12 weeks later) I contacted LaZboy customer service to find out where my part is. I was told that they did not have my fabric in stock which is what created the delay and that my part would ship from their warehouse in Michigan on 10/15/15. After a barrage of social media posts, e-mails, and phone calls regarding my situation, I finally was given a delivery date of Nov.2, 2015. I will raise hell (more than I already have) if that part is not delivered on that day and in perfect condition. The following is my take-away from this unfortunate experience: 1) Good quality furniture should not break within the first year of normal use. 2) A "custom repair" should not take any longer than producing the original "custom order". 3) The LaZboy customer service manager whom I spoke too (Naomi) claimed that they have no way of knowing if repairs are delayed and therefor do not contact customers when they are. 4) If I'm lucky, I might get my part in November (2015, I hope). 5 months after I initially contacted LaZboy for the repair. 5) I will never purchase LaZBoy furniture again nor will I recommend them to family and friends.
    Based on the plethora of other customer complaints reported on several different websites, including LaZBoy's own Facebook page, it appears to me that it is not a matter of if the sofa or loveseat will break again, it is a matter of when. At that point it will no longer be under warranty and not only will I have to pay the labor to have it fixed, but wait months for the repair. I don't even want my furniture, it is of such poor quality. The fabric is loose and if you lift the back flap I can tell that it was made of cheap plywood. I would prefer to return it for a fulI refund.

  • Jo
      5th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    My story is similar. Purchased a couch from LazyBoy in Plymouth Massachusetts in March 2014. It was delivered in May. 14 months after delivery the frame broke. Although they say the frame has a liftitime warranty they charged $79 to have a service tech come to fix it. Although the tech was great, he is contracted by LazyBoy, the frame broke again. The "comfort care" customer service is a nightmare!! You are on hold forever and you can never get a supervisor. They say they will call you back and don't or call when you are at work. Then the vicious cycle begins again. They did agree to send a new frame and waived the $79 fee as they should have. I do not have small children or pets. The couch has never been abused in any way. I wanted the couch replaced as we paid a lot of money for it. The filling in the cushions is junk. You can feel the wood frame when you sit. They had me send pictures and then told me the would send more filling but the cushion don't unzip so i would have to pay almost $300 for a service call. It's just ridiculous! When I voiced my complaints, Braby K said our conversation was unproductive and said someone would call me back and then hung up. I will ever ever purchase a Lazyboy product again. I will also make sure I tell everyone I know never to purchase a Lazyboy product.

  • Et
      1st of Apr, 2016
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    Customer Service and furniture quality totally unsatisfactory . Screw me once, never again. Might as well buy something made in China and serviced from China !

    ethan a.

  • Ch
      1st of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have had the same problem .I bought my furniture in 2012, in Buffalo NY.I had two sets picked out I picked this one because the name "Lazy Boy" I am so sorry I did. It is HORRBLE so many problems with it!! I will not pay for service calls but I can tell you my husband has fixed it way to many times for four year old furniture . I bought a couch and love seat I paid over $ 2000 they recline, .the foot rest to both couch and love seat BROKE, that was in the first year. My husband had to take off the material and put new wood under the material, he said it was cheep ply wood I have had this HORRIBLE furniture 4 years it looks like II had it 12 . the fabric is wrinkly the structure of the product is weak. The amount of time spent on this furniture is minimal I should not have these problems. I WILL NEVER BUY LAZT BOY AGAIN!!! Costumer service is no help...

  • Ni
      6th of Dec, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I also will never buy Lazy Boy again. In less than a year, the sides of cushion on my "leather" couch began to crack. I had purchased the extended warranty, and was within warranty. I payed for the expensive service call. I was then told the sides were not leather, and therefore not covered. What a crock of crap! It is the most I have ever paid for a couch. I am so angry just thinking about it. I will NEVER buy a Lazy Boy product again. I tell everyone I know that.

  • Rh
      15th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Ninimamallama Was your leather couch a cream color? I am having the same issue with my 4 recliners?????

  • Sc
      3rd of Jan, 2017
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    I see that there are lots of people having problems with La-z-boy. Mine is an on going issue since delivery back in April 2016. My purchase was over $8000.00 on sale. Does anyone have an 800 fax number for the headquarters or for the CEO Kurt L. Darrow. I do have all correspondences and pictures that I want to send them because it seems as if I'm getting nowhere with the store and service center. If all else fails I will contact the BBB and send all of this information.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • Gi
      18th of May, 2017
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    After reading all the complaints about Lazy Boy Furniture, it saddens me to be on the ban wagon, but unfortunately I cannot give any "atta boys".
    I purchased a reclining love seat in November of 2015.. I happen to be a snowbird - so shortly after the love seat was delivered - I went south for the winter..I also have a home in northern Alberta where I spend my summer months so did not return to the home where the love seat was until December of 2016..
    My son happened to be with me at that time..He was sitting on the love seat - reached over to get his refreshment and the arm on the love seat broke.
    I called Lazy-boy and they sent a repair man over to look at the damage and informed me it would be about 6 weeks before the part would be in..He also informed me that the love seat had not been put together properly..Parts where missing.
    I left that home to spend winter in the south..The parts came in and I had a neighbour let the repair people into the house. I did not see the love seat again untilMay 2017...
    Total usage of this love seat would amount to 2 months max.
    The love seat now looks like two couches put together..Different dye lots and different foam in the cushions. One is hard the other soft.
    I called the Lazy Boy store where I made the purchase..Lazy Boy Victoria, BC..I got the run around because not just anyone can deal with these issues.
    A fellow by the name of Peter finally gave me a call and in not so many words from me but a lot a sales pitch excuses he basically told me that "it is what it is".
    They just don't care if you are a satisfied customer or not...End of story...
    They have their have their junk...done...
    My advise to anyone out there who is even considering LAZY BOY furniture...DON'T DO IT...
    I just wish that I had read all the comments before I went shopping at their store...WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN...

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