Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)neglecting to help neglecting to refund my money

I purchases 2 tickets online on latam web.AT the end the computer ask for a emergency contact.AFter i paid i print the 2 tickets there was a computer error, the second ticket came with a wrong name.I call the same our and the costumer said i see you just purchase, i will help you 24 hours and will be fix.they never fix.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FLsomeone call me from latam and said we will not help you because is more them 1 letter.and if you want to buy again for your child will be 4.600 us dollars.i told her give my money back.Gess what.since 4/6/17.i am still waithing for my money.THey are send me wrong emmails .I have to find a good lawyer and sue latam airlines.FOR NIGLIGENCE AND LYING TO COSTUMERS JUST TO GET THEIR MONEY.
Sandra DAsilva

Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)

May 12, 2017

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