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Unfortunately, I'm a memeber at the Reston, VA gym. It is very small and old, but it was cheap. There are no classes after 6 pm. so I can never make it to a class after work. I liked the belly dance class, but the instructor stopped teaching there. So there is nothing there appealing to me anymore. Besides, I moved to Leesburg and could no longer go to that gym. Their website says that you can cancel a membership if you move more than 25 miles away. I provided a mapquest print out showing a 26 mile drive and my new drivers license, as requested. But they still rejected my request! They said that I'm 22 miles away. Just 3 miserable miles! They used the private toll road in their calculation, which costs $5 each way. Can you believe it? I tried to talk to their customer service at ABC Fiancial, but nothing gets to those cold hearts. Don't sign up with Lady of America, you won't like it and there is no way OUT!


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      Jul 14, 2009

    I walked in to the 152 street and 137 ave in Miami, Fl the sales agent that I spoke with did not speak English well. I speak spanish but not as well as she did. I believe I went the total of 5 times to the gym. I was not happy at all with gym. Then I find out I am pregnant and at high risk therefore goin got the gym is not a option. I want to cancel my membership and I get a call from a collection agency pretending to be an attorney's office. We argue back and forth about the collection and then he tells me that he wants to serve me with papers along with my boyfriendm, which has nothing to do with the contract. The sales rep had asked me for an emergency contact and I named him. On her own she decided to put on the contract, that he was my husband. I am not married to him, he was not present and he did not sign. Now, the sales rep painted a pretty picture with the down payment and monthly payment on a seperate piece of paper showing me a "slash" in price, but what was not mentioned when she transfer it to the contract was the 36 months. I know for a fact I would of never signed it for that long. I do not know what to do, however with the research I have done it seem like LOA is notorious for scamming consumers. HELP what can I do

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