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My Doctor ordered testing on me for Gluten Sensitivity. I never ordered the tests. I have excellent medical insurance. My insurance would not pay the claims. This company never once told me that these tests would cost 761.00 or had me sign an ABN saying these services may not be covered. Otherwise, I would never ever have had these tests performed. When I called and wrote their billing department, they told me to contact my Doctors office for a different diagnosis. I told them I woudl gladly pay the insurance allowable that they expected to get from blue shield or even pay them the $300.00 that is charged for this exact same test from Request a test. They refused to accept it disregarded me and said they would send me to collections for the full amount. This company expected an insurannce allowable of 200.00 for this testing, yet refused to accept payment of $300.00/ I told them I could not afford to pay them $761.00 and begged them to either take the coast via request a test or honor the insurance allowabe.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Burlington, NC INstead of trying to help a customer and get paid a fair fee, they sent me to outside collections and destroyed my credit. Prior to them my credit score was 799., and now it has dropped over 100 points. I will never ever do business with labcorp again. They have lost my business for good. I work in healthcare and we have always been willing to help our patients who are willing to pay what is considered a fair reimbursement rate for our services. We even have cash pay patient fee schedules in place to help patients afford our services. I wish I could join the group that currently has a lawsuit against them for their billing practices. I will never ever use this company for lab services. They have lost my business for good. I will only use Quest Diagnostics and Hospital Lab Services from here on out. They dont inform you of possible non-covered services in advance and then bill you astronomical fees for services that are priced way above the market rates. They also ruined my credit and I tried to work this out with them.

Dec 11, 2018

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