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It seems to be a recurring theme. You sign up during a promotion that's "ending tomorrow". Three days later, having figured out that it makes more sense to join the club 5 blocks to the east rather than the LA Fitness 5 miles to the west, you mail in your cancellation form on the third business day. ( I recall at the time thinking "What's to keep them from just tossing it in the trash and saying they didn't get it?", but, like a good Minnesotan, tossed that thought aside as just paranoia. Silly me. )
They say to wait 10 days for an email response.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Saint Louis Park, MNSix days later, having not yet heard from them, you inquire about your refund. They call headquarters in Irvine. They say "We did not receive your cancellation form." (I did not send it by certified mail, nor did the instructions say this was required.)
THEN... they have the gall to say "Well, it's WAY too late now to get your refund, but we will cancel it now if you want." That's right. They say "Wait 10 days" and then 6 days later say "It's too late now."
So... LA Fitness takes my $169 [$100 + $30 (1st month) + $30 (last month) + $19 (tax)] for their cost of 6 miles on a treadmill and 3 minutes of warm water for showers - and thinks that's OK.

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  • Ji
      Jul 20, 2010

    I cancelled my memebership and was given the same run around. They claimed that they never recieved my request to cancel my memebership. I was disgusted with the cleaniness of the club as well. This was the main reason I decided to cancel my memebership to begin with. They can see your attendance too but, that doesn't matter.

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  • Ri
      Jan 11, 2011

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    The law firm of Berger & Montague, P.C., located in Philadelphia PA, is currently prosecuting a class action suit against L.A. Fitness International LLC in federal court. The suit alleges that L.A. Fitness’ cancellation procedures for its monthly membership agreements are unfair and deceptive because members are charged additional monthly dues even after they have attempted to cancel their memberships. L.A. Fitness denies these allegations. We are currently gathering facts in support of these claims. If you have any information concerning L.A. Fitness’ cancellation procedures or practices, please contact Kim Walker toll free at [protected] or [protected], or by e-mail: [protected] For more information about this case, visit our website

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