LA Fitness / gym

Southend on sea, United Kingdom

I notified la fitness that I cancelled my direct debit as I had been advised by my doctor. I suffer severly from panic attacks which I can not go in public places without having a anxiety attack. I explained my situation to the gym on the phone who was understanding and said to send a doctors letter and they would freeze it for 3 months as this is the longest they would do it for. I sent my doctors letter in as they asked. The following week they said they would not accept my letter.
I then rang and spoke to someone else who said no that's fine and put a freeze on my account.
3 days later I received a letter from a credit debt agency demanding £380 within 10 days. I rang la fitness again all I got told to do was to ignore the letter and a apology.
Im really not happy with the way I was treated and think the customer service was disgusting. I now want my account closed permanently as i feel I have been treated unfairly

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