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LA Fitness / confessions of a former la fitness employee

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Former LA Fitness Employee:

After reading the numerous complaints on this board I feel the need to coroborate many of the issues facing LA Fitness. I want to first ofer my "inside" details of how LA Fitness operates its business. Let's begin with mangement or the lack of.

LA Fitness does not offer any formal training nor does it provide continuing education in the crucial area of managing personnel. LA Fitness also uses a very narrow metric for promotion within its manager ranks. This simple metric used is “sales” if you’re a great salesman you get promoted. That is it! Also, LA Fitness draws heavily from an employment pool lacking in maturity. Many of their "GM's" are simply children doing the work an adult should be doing. But paying adults appropriately would cut into Mr Welch building his new mutli million dollar house in Malibu California. Yep, its the truth folks. Same Wall Street menatality at LA Fitness.

As a customer, please don't put your health or your money in the hands of people who do not care about you after you've provided them a credit/debit card or check. Not to mention many of the people selling memebrships or personal training are not properly trained or educated to give anyone advice related to health and fitness. Also, these "agreements" that management likes to call are "contracts" don't be duped into their snake oil salesman type selling. Once you've swiped your card you're pretty much history regarding any value added customer service.

Another issue facing LA Fitness is their high turnover. I'm sure many of you have seen this at the clubs you frequent. How many times have you had a differnet trainer over the course of several months? If you're the average LA Fitness customer odds are you are likely to have 3-5 trainers during the course of your "contract." Why is this? Simply put, LA Fitness doesn't give two red cents about its employees. That coupled with there "creative" ways they have employees "punch in" for compensation has always been a source of confussion for its employees. Just ask an employee to explain it you. They're always looking for a way to screw their employees to save a few cents while their poor cusotmer service issue is left like a festering sore. Another tid bit worth mentioning, LA Fitness management would prefer the trainer not to call his/her clients if they are out sick. Why?????? Because some district manager gets a nice cut from the number of people who have walked through the door. Disgusting, isn't it?!?! So, they would rather a scheduled client come through the door angry than to have been notified by the trainer.

All things considered, I could not, would not recommend LA Fitness as a place for employment. Nor could I recommend it as a service to purchase. And all the previous complaints I've read are true. The stories I have heard and witneesed are dispicable on all levels of business. And to Mr Welch of LA Fitness, I hope the home you're building is close to a cliff! You F N SOB!!!


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  27th of May, 2013
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Why does L.A Fitness allow the General Manager to talk horrible to employees? Why hasn't anyone noticed that L.A. Fitness on Dixie H.W.Y in Lou. Ky. Is full of thieves? They over charge on membership to the customer and pocket the cash. So glad I never got a membership there. Really glad I was never an employee. If u do decide to get a membership there make sure a girl name Kayle isn't handeling the cash.
  1st of Jun, 2013
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Read more employee reviews about working at LA fitness here http://masterjobs.net/la-fitness
  26th of Nov, 2013
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If I want to send a complaint to the corporate office in LA, do you know who to send it to??
  14th of Dec, 2013
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i am a lead janitor at la fitness and im not gonna lie it is the worst job i ever had. they only pay me twice a month. and only 9 bucks an hour. i complain to my GM all the time and she does nothing about it. she says ill get promoted to official lead janitor but i dont see it happening anytime soon. im moving on to find a better job. SCREW LA FITNESS!!!
  1st of Mar, 2014
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angrytiger : I guess the other couple million members, former members, employees and former employees (including former managers, gms, district gms, VP, etc) are also full of ### huh?! get real. this wouldnt be a topic if it werent true. if your head werent so far up your ###, you would see it also. you're obviously not observant. laf has been going down hill since 2002. they've been sued multiple times. dont you remember the potential class action law suit against laf when they went back on their word when they said they would honor former bally total fitness members contract? thousands upon thousands of complaints on the internet and pick out one person and call him a liar! in that case, youre going to have to call the other millions of people liars too. from the tone and context of your post, I would say you're a 13 year old trapped in a 40 year old body. good lord woman, read a book (book of value and not some brain washing magazine). youre in no way to give even the most simple minded person any lectures. get out of the tan booth before you fry the rest of your brain cells.
  25th of Mar, 2014
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la fitness sucks! That's all! never work for them
  3rd of Oct, 2014
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I agree with everyone! I just quit a month ago because my boss was such an ###. I left him high and dry and he deserved it. So he banned me after he was having a bad day a couple days ago. I know my complaints won't do anything but I thought that you can't have many complaints on the BBB, I am going to research that and if that's the case I'm going to (and already have been) advising people to go to the site to file a complaint. LA Fitness absolutely does not care about their employees or their members. You would think that taking complaints to corporate would help but 9 times out of 10 they do not. Horrible company to work for!!
  6th of Jan, 2015
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ALSO, ADD Continued employee sexual advances and harassment from employees that go undisciplined by corporate or corporate fails to acknowledge. The Atlanta area L A Fitness Facility's has its share of sexual advances by employees as did my wife encounter today at the Norcross Ga. location. In this case I'm in media and know exactly what to do. I notified several of my investigative news buddies. Stay Tuned In for Breaking News to Come
  6th of Jan, 2015
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LA Fitness has become or has always been under managed by less salary and experienced personnel . Today my wife has joined the ever growing complaint to L.A Fitness .employee sexual harassment and stalking complaint . YES, She was literally told by an employee that shes going to allow him to have a sexual encounter with him by march and that's his goal. She immediately called me and I appeared and attempted to make complaint to management to find out he's in on the stalking and sexual advances.
Well, Just so happened I'm in media and called a few of my news investigative buddies to look into this problem L.A Fitness chooses to ignore female or anyone's complaint. Stay tuned in for "Breaking News "

  23rd of Feb, 2015
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I was physically attacked by one of their employees here in Philadelphia. I complained about this employee 3X and nothing happened. She was very aggressive, violent and threatening. They knew this employee was out of control because one of the managers told me some othe rmembers of management are afraid of her. Its crazy how they just did nothing and she then physically attacked me while I was on a spin bike. If you like, please join my FB group. Its called, "Is your Gym Safe" I think we should all work together to expose this kind of behavior or lack there of... by the businesses we patronie who are supposed to protect us.
  9th of May, 2015
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Started working for LA Fitness December of last year as personal training sales. Having military experience and a degree in Exercise Science and Physiology, having an entry level job in the fitness industry was the icing on the cake. Having not had too much history in sales, I had to learn the basics, and it became easy just being open and honest with people about resistance training and healthy lifestyle changes are for the better. I was promoted to APTD and soon after Personal Training Director within 6 months of working for the company. Every single member I sign up for training gets a call from me monthly of I don't see them in the club, asking how everything is going. I treat each of my trainers with respect as well as my training sales counsellors. My son has autism and the company provides me with benefits to help him with therapies for his development. Ethical sales is the name of the game with this company, and people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Did you get a job at LA Fitness to make money or help people make a change? At the end of the day, whatever your new job will be, are you making a difference or making anyone's life better? Think on it...
  28th of May, 2015
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I totally agree. I started working for LAF and after a week I am done. I was never told what the pay week was and I still have not received a check. Very poor management.
  24th of Aug, 2015
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I completely agree with the original post. I left the company about a week ago and i am still waiting to get paid. The gm of my store asked for my numbers for my bank account to set up direct deposit and after a whole ordeal, i didnt get paid until a few weeks ago. On top of that, they started blaming me for entering it in wrong when my gm did it. Now Im still waiting and Im about to flip if i dont get paid this week.
  8th of Oct, 2015
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I worked at LA FITNESS for a few months. All of these complaints are very true. I worked as a salesman and the only training I received was do anything to get the sale. I was also told by the assistant gm that once they are members they are not money anymore. The assistant gm continuously stole commission from me while the gmail and district did nothing but make excuses for her. They had 5 different operations managers in the few months I was there. They treat the cleaning crew like crap and won't even schedule a cleaning person on weekend nights while everyone else has to do the cleaning. I was promised so many things and it was all lies. I do not respect or care for them. I had numerous people who i sold memberships with tell me they would take out more money than they was supposed to.
  8th of Nov, 2015
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I am a current employee and the club I work with is the worst! I started in NJ and now work in NYC. I have lost 3 PTD's two have quit and one was fired. My current PTD is a woman I've had major issues with since she started working at the club 11 months ago as a PT Counselor. I have been threatened, harassed not just by this woman but, members of the club she is friendly with. My General Manager and Operations Manger does nothing, my VP hasn't done anything and for the 1st time since I've been working with LA I receive a write up full of lies that date back to March when she was counselor. I am a group trainer and one of the few trainers left who started when the club opened up. I have clients who will gladly leave with me if I go. I have never been disrespected in all my life and I served in the army. They don't go over the contract clearly, they lie about sessions, they don't tell you when your contract is up, most if not all PT counselors don't know a thing about fitness and to cancel forget about it.
  11th of Dec, 2015
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Its unfortunate that your not taking responsibility for the fact that you have a poor attitude. If you really worked at LAFITNESS and understood that our mission statement is "To take Every single LAFITNESS member from where they are now in terms of Fitness and Functional mobility to where they want to be in the Safest Fasted most enjoyable way possible" Then you would know that we want Everyone to be serviced and helped.
That does require EFFORT and WORK, some enroll in training some don't, that is ok because we will help Every member get a great start on their
Health and wellness goals to get the RESUlTS that they want.
You are MISINFORMED on ALL of this, we DON'T do fingerprints, unless of course your talking about your prior experience in jail, that's NOT US!
All of our Trainers ARE NATIONALLY CERTIFIED, or not hired.
I suspect your a lier...
  11th of Dec, 2015
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The Aventura, Florida branch of LA Fitness s---s. The management of LA Fitness s----s. The Trainers at LA Fitness s---k. If you want a truly bad experience, join the LA Fitness in Aventura. I speak from experience. They call you a liar, when you make a report and they side with the trainers. LA Fitness Aventura gives you goofball explanations. A woman sitting across the two lanes of the track: Low blood sugar. Of course, the trainer was just sitting watching her. Saying, "I am training her" instead of administering help at the Aventura LA Fitness. They care about new members for a week or two and then you are just the rabble to be run over with discourteous behavior and stupid excuses. The Training Supervisor said he never saw me before I must be new. I said I was a member since 2002. He said "No your not" I never saw you before and I have been here for 14 years. Funny, I only saw him for the past 2 years. They are nasty over there. All I wanted was for them to keep the track free from debris, weights, and of course people going the wrong way with their trainers. Instead of getting support I got resistance.
  11th of Dec, 2015
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I agree with you 100% I am also an employee with LA fitness and the OM fired me last Tuesday because she said I messed up thier job because I didn't transfer the call to a sales person. I worked at the front desk and I did everything except the transfer only because on the link the sales person is unavailable. The OM didn't give me a verbal warning she just fired me that day for poor performance, I always come on time, greet members in a polite friendly manner while making calls or answering calls, and even though I worked part time I never failed to give her commission for making clear ups. How could she come to that decision without trying to coach me more do I nod a better job. I feel discriminated.
  11th of Dec, 2015
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"How could she come up to that decision without trying to coach me more, so I can do a better job"
  14th of Mar, 2016
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Badgered by salesman as I am trying to work out. I refuse to answer his sales pitch and ignore him.
He says OK be that way and proceeded to challenge me to a fight.
Yells out OK keep walking...like some punk would do in High School.
Bizarro behavior from LA fitness employees.
Spoke with girl at front and will be in contact with manager as well as corporate.
Will terminate membership and drop card account is billed from.

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