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LA Fitness / la fitness - horrible service/out for your money

1 21970 NW IMBRIE DR HILLSBORO, OR 97124Beaverton Hillsboro, OR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (503) 640-7872

Please provide any legal advice you may have regarding the matter below; your help is much appreciated!

I recently signed up for the personal trainer's program and had every intention of going through with it but…

On the day of my first scheduled session I received a text message from my trainer cancelling our appointment due to personal family reasons promising that “this never happens” and to meet at our next scheduled session. Yet on the day of my second session he texted again this time telling me he's been moved to another location asking me to meet him there instead. After telling him it's too far for me he texted me back saying that another training manager will call me and she'll take care of me at my current club. I ended up having to call her that day (taking time out of my job) because I didn't hear from her then ended up worked out on my own anyway (I also learned she takes a 4-hours break each day so don’t expect a call between noon and 4pm). After my work out I decided this unreliability is ridiculous from a professional business especially since I haven’t even officially started my sessions and questioned how they made a profit (which I now learn through all these complaints is by making it as difficult as possible for their members to cancel memberships). I called into the club that night asking to opt out of the program and thought since I haven’t even used it yet and I’m already unsatisfied with the service it’s not a problem (Ha!). At least the person I spoke with was understanding and polite about it but he said “I wish I can press the cancel button for you because you have a legitimate complaint but today is the fourth day from your initial start date and you can only cancel THREE days from the start without any problems”. He promised to forward my complaint over to another manager who will get back with me regarding the matter.

I received a call the next day but she had no clue. After I repeated my story to her she gave me the same “three days to cancel” spiel and offered to sign me up with another trainer. I wanted to scream “your product is broken before I’ve even used it; I don’t want to try using it; I wish to return it; the grocery store allows returns for up to 30 days, why don’t you?” but asked to speak to someone else. Well the next manager must also be a programmed robot because he said the same thing and this time I did say what I was thinking. I have since changed my bank card number and waiting for yet another manager to get back to me. I’m now stuck between going through with a terrible program with unreliable service within a company that run scams or cancelling it at a 50% cost to me which is $750 for something that I haven’t even used!

Does anyone have any legal advice on how I can get out of the program? Please help!

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      20th of Oct, 2009
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    I remember when I visited the gym near me, I wanted to check out the prices. I knew I was going to sign up there because there are no other gyms around where I live. I was not able to sign the contract and pay because I was on my lunch break. But when I told the sales associate that I would be back later, he seriously went crazy. He was getting visibly upset that I would not sign right at that moment and was saying anything he could think of to get me to sign. It was a little unappealing to say the least, however seeing him get so aggravated was somewhat humorous. When I came back, he was obviously very surprised and of course very nice. After that it was like I did not exsist. Nice.

    Then I was not sure about signing up for PT. The guy doing the selling also started getting visibly upset and continued to insult me and say that I obviously did not care about my health if I didn't sign up.

    Speaking of the PT sales rep. All I know is that his name was Louis and he worked at the South Elgin, IL gym. Anyone know his last name, please let me know.

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