Kyocera / Selling to a chunk photocopier

Nairobi, Kenya

I went to this shop with intention of buying a Kyocera 1635 copier but the sales men convinced me tht 2030 was the best lest did i knw they wanted to dump th machine to me.
I bought th printer and on reaching it failed, on calling they said the developer was th problem which they did send, i copied like 200 copies n it said th toner is out being under warranty period i notified them. They said i should buy toner and i sent th cost of buying to them but they said they don't have th toner and refunded my cash, since that day I've tried to get the correct toner uptown date its proved futile. Further more within tht one week i printed the 200 copies th machine had numerous paper jams. I on complaining i was refered to various managers till i gave up.
The copier has meter reading n to date it has not reached 1000 since i bought n which most of them r when technicians try to test bt all in all it proves futile
My recept no is: sale no 467

bought from Moktar branch Nairobi

Feb 18, 2014

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