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Austin, TX, United States

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Brought my vehicle in for a state inspection. As I waited across the street. I received a phone call from someone saying they found a crack in my windshield and asking if I had insurance then stating my insurance would take care of it "would I like it fixed during the inspection". I stated no I would like to see it as I never noticed a crack. upon arrival I asked a kick kar employee if a ding in my windshield would fail my inspection I was told no. So I go look at the "crack" it was a small ding so the guy inspecting points to some other guy who starts hard selling me on how bad it is and it's better to take care of now rather than replace the windshield. I tell this guy no 5 times before he finally backs off at this point I realize this guy doesn't even work for kwik kar. He keeps telling me it's not an accident claim on my insurance but a glass claim. So then he quotes me $40 to take care of it at this point I contact progressive to ask if it's a negative on my insurance history I'm told no but that my rates may increase Down the road so kwik kar employees give some random guy my phone number he calls me acting like he works there and tries to trick me into agreeing to them put a [censored] claim in on my insurance assuring me it's no big deal. Finally I tell him go ahead but I'll pay cash so this guy that doesn't work there checks me out from behind the kwik kar counter/ register.
If I wasn't paying attention or was an older person this little scam there running could have increased my insurance premiums down the road. This is Shameful that you guys are allowing someone to scam your customers probably for some kind of "finders fee" or whatever . He tried to bully me into doing this

Jun 16, 2018

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